Men in my life

Men in my life


Read a lot of articles, always said that women are meant to be painful, in fact, men should also be used to hurt, right.
All of us live in today’s society is not easy. Especially men alive than women tired, not just being tired than women, more tired … … Man is the embodiment of strength and strong, assume responsibility for the man‘s name, so the man was handcuffed, tobe a man of indomitable spirit, to take responsibility for the society! , Tears don’t flick.
As adults, men worked desperately to marry his wife, a woman can marry, and men.If you find a woman than they have the ability, others said the man in the Gigolo. Do not pop this view? Man this life quite difficult, to find a beautiful woman, to worryabout. Looking for a beautiful woman, and unwilling. Patronage, they say you have no responsibility. Come home, people say you’re weak, had the money, they say you’re bad. No money, people say you useless … …
Woman after a hard day, they hope they can rest on the shoulders of his men, andmen are tired, and who rely on the shoulder? Saw this sentence: can change aman‘s thing, the wine, the best, followed by the women, and then the power and, finally, the truth. While this is an exaggerated expression, however. At least one winecan really change a man‘s life, the man is inseparable from entertainment, and entertainment without eating and drinking. When tired, drunk, went home, if home was athoughtful, sensible woman, Catherine. Instead, it‘s the pigeons. Tired at home not to peace, more tired! Man wronged, can only stomach, and returned home to force a smile, because he didn’t want his family to worry about him. And if the woman wronged, can also be down to burst into tears in the arms of a man crying, can also ask their men play, men have to bend over backwards to make. Women can talk to others as xianglin share their misery and suffering, also up to attract other people‘s boring, and nobody‘s saying her incompetence and cowardice.
Our roof beams on crutches than do men, in real life playing the role of a man, mento support kindness to parents, to be raising children, wives shelter of umbrellas in the Middle, the man‘s shoulders for a woman to, rely on, is when a woman is in a fragile support. Say men are the arms of a woman sheltered harbor, rain or shine. Family man, but the man did have complaints? Men are also fragile, there needs to be awoman and considerate care. Many times worn out heart hoping to rely on a man on the shoulders of a beloved woman. But men to pretend as if nothing had happened to pretend is not vulnerable. What men had to carry their own, now this knowledge is very competitive in the world, greater work pressure, both internal to an indomitable spirit. Pressure on men as women are able to feel and understand how much?Only women can do is give the man more support and understanding, more free space!
Man to his woman do not ask, you just have to give him the ByName tender heart, can understand the man‘s mind, he will feel no tired again is worth it, heart happy. Sotake their men to treat inclusion, to untie her man let it, let the man in front of you no longer hide their fragile, so men can bring their grievances, to tell you my mind, allows men to sleep on your shoulder!
Men are really tired! Family burden, business competition, hope women‘s inclusive love you man, when I felt he was generous when you open your skinny arms let himrely on it!
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Is the life of man

Is the life of man
A people men first to know himself is a men, to know in adversity in the reflection to know sacred of courage and confidence, cannot because in career Shang encountered is setbacks on easily statements defeated, wants to wants to yiqian himself eat had of bitter again back see now of fundamental not is what, if you also in place stepping, so you forever also no courage to created brilliant of life, don’t status quo, to know men to what and live with, to let himself of family himself of beloved of woman not in suffer and live with, If you are in love and laid hands on her career, then wefeed them? If you in feelings Shang no woman love you so you will to hardship created himself of wealth, created himself future of life, I has a aunt, she young of when trained feelings of setbacks was train pressure broken has double leg, but Dang she lost has double leg of when, she and no statements defeated, by with tenacious of perseverance created has himself change has himself, now although not is what, but she to I of life effect has is big, a woman are can tenacious of live down, alone a men does, So people not only live to love but for themselves, for their own live much better and stronger in the future, I have already started to go it alone, has taken themost important step in life, regardless of the things I never want to encounter difficulties, I would like to give me a proof, I would like to give her a proof I am not a useless
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30 men’s perception of life

30 men‘s perception of life
When lit blinking stars in the night sky, and the road was dark inside.
When flying into the night road, in spite of a memory of the past.
Used to love, affection, we could not have the courage to face down.
Failure is always the end of one stage, but at the same time with the start of a new trial.
Day did not stop in time, but our life will have to stop one day.
It is a race against time, or make time stop, only our own choice.
Happiness is in the end what is it? let us chase it forever.
What is big or small? there is no size, only what you feel is real.
What is love?is a word that? is a lifetime commitment that? what the hell is this?
When it comes to love, desperate for love, but when you give it all the time, do youreally love?
Responsibility for what? a man give everything for women, or women do anything for men?
No good man or good woman when they find their balance, they will think the other is the best.
When we give up our love, maybe we will understand what is love.
When we gave up her career when, maybe you know and the people who love youso happy together.
When we abandon selfish then, maybe you can see the broad-minded people‘s vision.
When we give up evil, maybe we can get a good return.
When we give up our lazy, maybe we just realized, diligent can change your life.
The life of a person, the most difficult was actually facing.
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30 years old man embarrassing

30 years old man embarrassing
30 years is an awkward age, the life in the orchard, it is like ripe apples, green glowing in red, red glows with green, sour with sweet, sweet and sour with his mouth full,hazy, lost puzzle staring you cannot determine what it is what kind of taste and feel.It makes people want to cry but no tears, sorrow, said Hugh.
Years of the first is embarrassing. The other day, go to the street for buying vegetables, the vegetable is a 17 or 18 year old girl, watch me come, politely said: uncle, you come to buy food!, I jump, I’m only 30 years old, just call me uncle, I’m that old. Then ran home in panic in the economy to look in the mirror, his eyes did get wrinkles? beard is not shaved? love see through my thoughts, quipped: you thought youwere still young, old persimmon tree bark! I sigh, 30-year old man did really old? not 30 years old woman Jerry, 40 man flower do? I am only 30 years old!
Second was embarrassing. People are said 30 stand, is said 30 age should career success has, if “State” has even has, most embarrassing of is also no “State” of people, parents to doctor, mother-in-law to honor, lover to buy new clothes, children to into insurance, most important of is computer also no buy, water heater also no loaded, House also no decoration……


Most was headache of is, if you is administrative organ of cadres, or is company of old employees, see with side than himself age small of, than himself age big of, a sesame flowering steadily up climbed, and you is because all reasons in “place stepping”, others on will with suspicious even is disdain of tone asked: “friends, not has problem’s!”, that feel on as 28 or 29 age of older girl also no found in-laws as let people shame. Therefore, you only have airlamented, and morality, and however, lamented the sunk boat as thousands of junks will sail past, saplings spring trees.
The three friends are embarrassed. 20 people, however, whatever, eat sleep and sleep and eat, without anything to worry about, anyway, you’re not married, parents have to fulfill it. Have free time, and Tiger dog friends to the disco, go to the Internet, to play cards, to find their favorite girls chat. 40 people, had only modest success in their careers, economic foundation has been in prison, meet friend invitations can roundly say: doing? sing, drink tea, drink or wash sauna, you pick!
30 age of people on no, he both No 20 age people as wind as of free, more No 40 age people deal or no deal of forthright, he only shy to curled up in home, see TV, wash wash clothes, accompany accompany wife, with with children, occasionally was call invited to participate in social activities, also only Squeak well well to said: “sorry, I today has special matter of thing, go not open, next’s!”, actually heart most clear, on himself earned of that SA Walnut both date, also enough family Shang high-end restaurant drink a times tea does.
Its four feeling awkward. 20 years old guy, fresh and handsome, handsomesunshine, whole body exudes seductive young, wherever you go is like a powerful magnetic field to attract the girl‘s attention. 30 years old who is not, although age is not too large, but in this muddy water whipped lived for more than 30 years, is not said to be going through the wind and rain, at least, have sailed. Than 20 years old guy, cool brother, crush, fan, his every move, smile are gleaming with sadness, evento an early grave. More than 30 years of fought, not know said wrong has how many words, do wrong has how many thing, fell has how many somersault, flow has how many sweat, can not left is branded did? is meat knock broken has, also will left points scar, no a girls will so silly, silly to even small old man are see not out, alone also is has knot has married of small old man, addition, not has article on love of articles said: “girl, please away from married men” did, seems, 30 age of men not only didn’t people like, also is dangerous goods does, that on “dangerous goods, do not touch!” Bar.
No girls like it, after all it was flowers in the mirror, months in the water, only a distance, and not treated disrespectfully, but most can’t stand at home may not be able to get warm. Lover never like had just love Shi as, according to with you, and by with you, and pull with you, and you drawing near, ear Temple Republika mill, past that “day missing, as across ploughing” of hope and “months Shang Liu rises, people about evening Hou” of romantic, already was married Hou of fuel, and Sissy corrosion to fragmented, and gone, remaining of just endless of nagging and complained, like: colleagues small Lee business earned has money, to wife buy has gold and silver jewelry, neighbors small Guo mention has Deputy Chief, put brother-in-law arrangements in has Office , My friend went into business, bought a house in a big city, and so on, you always feel most timid people under the Sun, the most worthless person.As a man, if in the eyes of love is a loser, then what?
Besides Exchange awkward. 30 years old, is a life more or less have a little feeling ofage, though it is young, but has an abundance. You want 20-year-olds said their lessons, to provide reference for smaller brethren, opens her mouth, people will say: rough! you than I did a few years meal, loaded in front of my boss!. See 40 people, you want to appeal a complaint, whine, people will Pat you on the shoulder to say: come on, man, what I have gone through, the way that I crossed the bridge, and more than you, live with it!
Well, 30 years old, 30 years old with no resistance, alone 30 years, furious over 30 years!
Fate you have to like the cicada had just drilled out soil, endured tough fission, youhave to like the silence in the darkness, precipitation of rain quietly between heaven and Earth, you are more like the pupa hibernates in a cocoon, and looking forward to the day butterfly.
Because, after all, the life of a person, 30, is just the beginning.
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Man 30

Man 30
No more than 20 years of green, has yet to fully contaminated 40 years of cynicism,more than 30-year old man, is a landscape.
Say 30 years old, men over the age of 30, and fade as the naïve, to mature, learn tosteady, not 20 years old any crazy, knew how to work, how to live. Some say 30-year old man is finished, 40-year old man is fine, in fact, just like flowers results, men over the age of 30 is in the process of accumulated precipitation, this is the best time oflife.
30 age above of men, temples began long out hair, life of pressure began increased, parents walking gradually stumble, children gradually grew up, unknowingly himself has from had of hair head small guy became home in the of backbone, each saw parents, and wife son that full expects of eye, a responsibility full heart, pillar of task not shirk pick in has body, from know himself not for himself live with, has you, home on has joy, on has hope.
Men over 30 years old, speakdo no longer fussy, mature and has become their style, and would leave room for flexibility. I do not know when, people call have been quietly changing, not in front of your name with a little words, new rookie Cap before you know, you people who have become a burden, trust and can rely on the people.
Men over the age of 30, time is not all Frost, all engraved on its face, says he is notold, but drinks rarely do, say worse than before and have learned to protect their bodies. More than 20 years, we can run a collision on the pitch, drinking and singing through the night, any publicity of his youth. Men over 30 years old, learned frugality,knows the pursuit of taste and understand the essence of gracious living.
If the man is wine, a bottle of erguotou is 20 years old man, smashing, burning everything. 30-year old man is a bottle of maotai, imported soft, with a long, losing steam. (Reading website:
30 man a flower completely after blooming fruits!
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30 years old man’s mind

30 years old man‘s mind


When youth was young, did not take into account 30 years came, how I would? Always feel too far, too far from the age of 30. Unconsciously, 30, so calm, so pleasant, let you prepare are not or do not know how to operate 30 light shade.
Ever fantasized about marching beat of the youth, enjoying the warm sunshine, canbe free and happy. Reality is better than imagination between distant, young dynamic, energetic personality has as the years go by, leaving only sour taste, so you have to chewed deep, to savor.
When 30 years came, finally find themselves no longer have young dare ganpin Valor, unrealistic endeavor and imagination, suddenly learn to consider other people‘s feelings, understands that hope is the final work.
Pave the way for gradually to 30 is the saddest thing. You have to look to the youthaway from the back, but unable to recall only memories in my mind. Had to watch again the good time go slowly and have to moved relentless years and had to pray for those happy wishes.
In this way, the time away in 20 years time you at the same time, bring you a wealthof 30 years. Such as sound, such as depth, such as focus, such as history, such as mature love, such as progressive … …
Open the eyes closed, 30 blinks. Pan Changjiang said: man 41 flower. 30 year oldman is bud bud, contained beautiful, waiting for the opening of the moment, will give you a special surprise!
Facing the fast paced life, 30 years old man began to fade away 20 years of indulgence, beautiful vision of the reality, and then those to begin your ready again to findher way in the world. Learn amidst strong learned to pinch pennies, learned to think about the future. 30 age of men, gave up has for happy of self create tomorrow, change into has for wife son struggle of power, always are for home sake, for this home struggle, to let himself of wife had have happiness, to let himself of children has than himself more happy of childhood, to will home playing caused beautiful of Harbour, also to himself created a seats warm of space. When the heart is tired,depressed, happy, and back can be a comfort.
Emotionally, 30 years old man abandoned to be beautiful on the outside and soft voice as the criteria for selecting a woman. But every love will take the time to test the true meaning of love, the facts to distinguish true love, no longer sought a moment of psychological comfort and pamper yourself repeat the mistakes of youth. Inadvertently, you can find the man, the lack of a romantic, but more flexible and soft, strong, despite the lack of a romantic surprise but comforting and caring from the heart although without SA‘s appearance, but more solemn mood. Men followed the years growing up, knowing the meaning of life, know the meaning of home, knowwhy, know who they fight for, know the ups and downs of his taste why, know whywould experienced waves of strong, knowing his own sweet life for whom? Know why they drained the last drop of blood and tears, but still stood Stern. 
30 years old man, with the wisdom of the wise and mature. Since then, not dumpedby beautiful temptation, not for the glitz of the virtual and compelling, not for smallfailure and destruction. But, failing to take calm, sense motive, die departs to fight again.
30-year old man, tasted the world of love and hate, and sometimes as a play, and sometimes as a drama. False false false, Ethereal excesses. Know of tolerance was generous enough to cherish all, cherish love themselves and their loved ones.
30-year old man, began to seek emotional sincerity and understanding in their livesin the hope of finding mutual caring and selfless care. Men started to use to irrigatethe feelings of their own, with actions and results to fertile belong to that part of
30-year old man, broad-minded, softness, and every move, reflecting the broad, enough to hold an army, can accommodate all things.
30-year old man, outside, waves, vigorous and resolute at home, look after and caremore.
30-year old man for love, real nice, real; love, graciously mellow, really.
Men 30, aloes time to my heart, to finish, hard run, another starting point for life, began to run, run … …
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30-year old man dressing Guide

30-year old man dressing Guide
The old saying men are 30 years old. 30 as a threshold, when after you accidentally crossed, that means you have to have a account on your first half. Family is the sign of the times.
Said a man from the age of 25 began to mature gradually, then 30 years old as a watershed of sorts is a shufflenew beginning. Inner metamorphosis of natural Needless to say, but always embodied by something external to, so dressing is a most reasonable path. New chapter, after the age of 30.
Consciously or unconsciously, farewell after the 20-somethings, you will find yourself more fabric quality and detailoriented, once upon a time obsessed accessories, itwould not have some interest and desire to try?
1. Select the size that fits. Though your week, or in the gym to keep in shape, but the clothes are too tight to avoid or be exposed out unnecessary things; too much loose clothing should not be your choice, more than 20-year old little boy became interested in hip-hop. Men over 30, is the critical first step of finding your true size.
2. Select a color. For over 30 years for men, which is a very important Tip. Because so many business people, because the job is too used to white and grey, of course,there are occasional Brown. Some material in color, such as blue or red, really makesyour whole wardrobe is different.
3. the use of accessories. Can men wear their weapon I’m afraid to watch, a watch can control almost every look, don’t forget that in the workplace, wearing a watch makes you look more professional. Of course, there are other fine accessories, such asscarves, neckties, kerchiefs, and packages. No matter which is one of the, I believe that will light up your look.  theperfects
4. buy a suit. Maybe at age 30 and then talk about the suit was a bit strange, but some people just grow up, and keen to casual clothes for too long, have been resisting a suit of spaghetti. Even if the nature of your work so that you can keep away from the suit, you never know, maybe one interviews, weddings and funerals you will need?
Stars were dedicated not only to play my movies made good his own record; more that they live every day dress set an example for everyone. Jia boss, over 30 years ofcareer was in the ascendant, marriages are happy, life is complete. Jia boss is a right size the best spokesmen, no matter in any situation, we can see that clothes fit charm lies in this.
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30 year old man’s change

30 year old man’s change
For only twenty years old, they said pour bottom to call you uncle, or call your brother good, let me dumbfounding, yes, time goes really fast, Shaohua circulation, and time is fleeting, green banana, red leaves, is a juvenile white head, in the twinkling of an eye 30 has been oblivious. I really have grown up.
I really do not have a good carefully pondering the boy thirty down the bottom is what kind of, boys thirty those aspects began to change. Let me from our own experience to sum up bit by bit. Of course, I have to declare the work of the public like us. [by Www.DuanMeiWen.Com finishing]
This time thirty boys is generally in the late seventies of the boys, this period boys are generally is the youngest of the many her sister. They are also after the 1970s most highly pet in one generation, is not the same with 80 after 90 after the only son of, they enjoy coddled and enjoy the suffering people.
Thirty year old boys at twenty years of age, picture yourself if to thirty, it should arrive at the time and successful, mature, not panic, confident, happy family realm. Did not expect to 30, is the beginning of a youth is about to expire, the mature even half a beat, and cause no into the state, with a little bit of anxiety, with a little bit of panic, with little helpless. Although and did not appear in the thirty years before sleep not to wake, thirty years after sleep phenomenon, but when midnight or more or less sigh number storing pay attention between. Work hard, when is the head? Marriage inner monologue
Thirty boys appearance and 25 years old is not much change, but 30 years old boy’s heart was years of wear is the sharp edges and corners, 25 years old can also contradict the leadership of truth. At the age of thirty is selected patient, although the heart has unwilling, on the face can pile up unwillingly smile. That step as boundless as the sea and sky is the truth. Twenties often to own an idea, a goal and excited and will be desperate to implement, to struggle; at thirty often of an idea, a target hesitates, multi feasibility analysis, consider rethinking.
Thirty year old boy found his own purse still, and at the age of twenty as sentimental, even had more timid, twenties to my pocket only 33 blocks can still back chic, 30 years old when my pocket has 330 block out but still feel not dependable. Son to eat de chicken eating, wife to Tim cosmetics, the house is still owing on the loan, mom and dad started the body is not good, the mother-in-law also honor. In twenties can be said to make money is used to spend, thirty year old lamented that it is not easy to earn money.
Thirty year old boys in the twenties love to hear buddy loyalty, sharing weal and woe, Liangleichadao, talented, handsome stay cool this words, 30 – year-old boys began to knowledgeable, mature, your career greater success and your infinite charm, sexy strong, lianxiangxiyu the phrase interested. Female screen name
Thirty year old boys in the 20s chasing girls can say TianHuangDeLao, Haikudanlan love you will never change, 30 years old found nonsense it is to deceive the girls, 30 years old boy still want to live a little romance, is found to be always and love romantic have different step. Romantic to the past and would like to violate.
Thirty year old boys strenuously hard career, expect their own success, family expectations had a little happiness, but often neglect the girl around feeling, he did not feel to this girl her request is often do together dinner so simple.
Thirty year old boys in the eyes of the little girl is uncle, i.e., no at twenty years of age, the division of the gas, no 25 cool taste, in the 28 year old female white-collar city view, 30 year old boys too thin is too petty so no personality, no 40 year old male success as data, it is not enough deep vicissitudes enough atmosphere.
Thirty year old boys if you are not married, but found that their marriage has become a chronic, girls are not too young and she couldn’t see him; is girls are too old-fashioned too ugly and he couldn’t see her, 30 year old unmarried male at this time became the long-standing social marriage! And you became the girls mouth chicken ribs, tasteless gesture.
Thirty year old boys found when gallstones, fatty liver, prostate, high blood pressure (noted, I haven’t been) the fundamental thought and self was not the upper bound of the disease began quietly emerged in their physical form, although is only slight, but people have to feel depressed time waits for no one.
Thirty year old boys began to find their own boil always all night not sleep a day can fill the back of the. 30 year old boys playing a basketball will be found sleeping at night hands how or pain, on their own full of confidence with body began to a little confused and shaken. This is how?
Thirty year old boy can not help but ask, thirty years old boy how, thirty years old boy how have so many? Is thirty years of age is really a watershed in life, boys thirty is not a flower, not a bean curd, what is it, is it really bitter?
The above is just a boy to thirty-one little quiet feeling, the boy’s life development prospects how, thirty years old little subtle change state can not fully explain the problem, three Wear theperfects Jewelry store jewelry, let you show.

More than just boys to 31 bit quietly feeling, the prospects for the development of the boys life, thirty year old little subtle changes in the state can not be comprehensive description of the problem, thirty boys sometimes listless, but more can be full of vim and vigor; boys at the age of thirty, although there are also dead, but more to brilliance; thirty year old boy although sometimes start to swallow, but more can be as boundless as the sea and sky; thirty year old boys, though sometimes cynical. But more happy and natural and unrestrained; boys at the age of thirty, although sometimes also feel covered with sores, but more to simple romantic.
Look at the issue to be dialectical! Boy thirty, not terrible! Terrible is the heart is not right.

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Inspirational story targets cannot be set too low

Yearly jump large gantry to, all the CARP have come to the gantry. They are competing to grab a good seat. Just skip the gantry, himself is the people worship the Dragon.
But again, all the CARP still failed to jump over the top of the goal. So they began tocomplain. This name is all about! told we just skip the Jade Emperor dragon becomes a dragon, but removing the goal set so high, it‘s not clearly lied to us! That is,so this year I jumped on for 12 years, until next year, I will be too old to jump jumpup!
Do? carp thought and thought, Ah, finally came up with a good way to reduce gantry! this plan makes them excited. Then they start to kick. A few months later, the new gantry was low enough, even the little carp are able to jump past lightly. So, after a while, all the carp into the Dragon.
But not long after, they discovered the problem everyone is turned into a dragon, with the same Jackie CHAN seems to be no different; but as long as the animals everywhere, people swept away by the sense of worship of the Dragon, Sheng to resenttheir playing day and night.
With doubts, all the Dragons. Come discuss the Jade Emperor. But listening to the Jade Emperor later laughed. To really find the feeling of long, you will have returned to its original height gantry!
It is often said. Two in the Bush, a bird in the hand is worth. ,。 Mirage than a piece of bread in front of cute Indeed, too high or unrealistic goals for a person without any real significance. However, does this mean that we can lower our goals?
By lowering your expectations and goals, commitment to easy to plan, a person maybe able to avoid frustration and more likely to succeed. However, lower your expectations and goals, so that you get the desired result? did you get the joy of success?
CARP in the story, although in Longmen reduced into a Dragon. But they experiencethe fun of a dragon. Because in essence, they are a carp. What was that for?
Was so happy people is an ambitious goal and do not forget that we live in now, awho choose to challenge their talents and potential, one of their own) man of achievement and social recognition are arrogant · · · · · · In other words, if ~ personal goals too low, then he will lose happiness of life Foundation. Because he was unable to inspire his own talents and potential, is hard to self realization, so that their continuous evolution, unable to enjoy happiness of success.
In life, we often see such a phenomenon some people always think that we can have food and clothing, and they hold a perfunctory attitude to life, a result, their lives are always marching in place, Yun to a poor year after year. Why? because too low atarget no incentive, not arouse people‘s enthusiasm and creativity, and also will not be able to make their own lives into the best condition. This doomed they were unable to make progress, to create a satisfying life.
Low targets will allow life to lose hope, a sense of emptiness. Among college students, is a significant part of the day watching TV, playing cards, Internet access and other recreational things. Although a carefree, but it felt like life had no meaning. In fact, they did not know, to enjoy life is a life of fulfillment and happiness. If the subject had a problem, then life problems will also arise.
There is a sing. Not through wind and rain, see the Rainbow, no one can succeed There is a standard, it cannot be reduced because a person or a group of persons.Success is not a means to achieve your goals of, you‘ve succeeded. Success is highquality, as you get a diamond, and have a ton of sand is differentiated. True success is the result of constantly beat ourselves, beyond the self, means that you can be recognized and met, rather than down and back.
Too low, and will only cause people to lose their initiative and enthusiasm. A personwants to succeed, it must have a target can motivate himself. Only in this way, he will have enough power to meet the challenges, overcome difficulties, and in the process bring improved and perfected, the ability to make their own standards, ideas and knowledge to achieve success.
Thus, if you want to skip the real success, we must work hard to improve themselves and to equip themselves with skip. Splash strength. Only in this way can we. An ordinary fish. Refined.
So that you get the desired result? did you get the joy of success?
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Entrepreneurs, need to have a bold bold

Entrepreneurs, need to have a bold bold


Entrepreneurs to have a bold spirit of dynamism, zhongzuiduxing. The fashionfor him, and trends can stop him, public opinion can not bury him! For him,the ideal is the power, ambition is light, opportunity ladder. He uses hispower to conquer the rugged cross fault. Difficulties and hardships canweaken his entrepreneurial ambitions, but struggle to move forward towardthe established goals, to the great wall is not a true man, that is theentrepreneurial path of true strength.


As we all know, razor was originally malespecific products, but the United States Gillette had designed a women‘s razor, and achieved great success, isthis how it goes?


Gillette is one of the designers, accidentally discovered a strangephenomenon, many middle-aged women have the habit of removing armpit hair.He thought quickly and return to the company in the design of a series ofwomen‘s razors. But this programme for almost all of the objections, theysaid this is unlikely to succeed. Some people even mocking attitude heldhands in his pockets.


But he eventually opposition insist on research, and simply deciding to go public, and Gillette have made huge gains.


Originally, in the United States in women over 30 years old, about 77% womenhave the habit of removing armpit hair, a total of 62.9 million people. And23 million people will be using men’s razors, alone has more than 75 millionyuan in the market. While others have not found this market, they were keento capture this market, and quickly occupied all of the United Statesmarket. Gillette of the designers but also because of their bold and uniquevision, and earn tremendous profits for the company.


Young people start at the beginning, does have a bold vision, have a greatrelationship on entrepreneurial success. However, due to various reasons,hesitate become a barrier to many entrepreneurs, always striving forperfection, and in others, afraid of the consequences of failure. Tounderstand that in today‘s opportunity fleeting, if we do not act decisivelyto seize the opportunity, meet our perhaps complete failure ending.


Successful people, many people are not too high degree, start at thebeginning also don’t have much money and connections, but they have onecommon characteristic is to look for things to do, no matter how difficultand not shrink back. This is the bold entrepreneurs.


A private business owner, to 1000 Yuan starting from migrant workers in thestreets selling fritters, and eventually became worth more than 400 million of the President of the company. In an interview, he said: when I wasstarting a business do not know what can be done, anyway, since Danny madesure to get a sample. Slowly for a long time, contacts, money, experience,is relying on at the beginning of a unit officer!


Chen Tianqiao, President of Grand that year with same drive took all of 3million yuan of funds to bet on legendary, the result is now a billionaire.To know when legends no one play, he may accompany Peregrine. Is relying onthis drive, and to make his career. Every successful person almost withoutexception has this feature, is dare!


Entrepreneurship is often required before a major decisionCardinal dare toshoulder heavy burdens, faced failure, if you can give up comfort and ease.But too few people dare to make this decision, so success is the elite ofour time.


Larry Yung, Chairman of CITIC Pacific Group had repeatedly advised the young man to have determination and courage the courage and boldness. He said:when people don’t understand him, he knew what he was doing; when othersdon’t understand him when he understood what he was doing; while others areunderstood, he was rich; while others are understood, he did it! This is what makes millionaires.


Shakespeare once wrote, everything in the world has a high tide times. Iftaking the forefront, will lead you towards the best of luck. But if youdon’t have the guts and the bold courage, is he can’t do good leads theplayer anyway, perhaps because fear and end up being buried in a fish!
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