Entrepreneurs, need to have a bold bold

Entrepreneurs, need to have a bold bold


Entrepreneurs to have a bold spirit of dynamism, zhongzuiduxing. The fashionfor him, and trends can stop him, public opinion can not bury him! For him,the ideal is the power, ambition is light, opportunity ladder. He uses hispower to conquer the rugged cross fault. Difficulties and hardships canweaken his entrepreneurial ambitions, but struggle to move forward towardthe established goals, to the great wall is not a true man, that is theentrepreneurial path of true strength.


As we all know, razor was originally malespecific products, but the United States Gillette had designed a women‘s razor, and achieved great success, isthis how it goes?


Gillette is one of the designers, accidentally discovered a strangephenomenon, many middle-aged women have the habit of removing armpit hair.He thought quickly and return to the company in the design of a series ofwomen‘s razors. But this programme for almost all of the objections, theysaid this is unlikely to succeed. Some people even mocking attitude heldhands in his pockets.


But he eventually opposition insist on research, and simply deciding to go public, and Gillette have made huge gains.


Originally, in the United States in women over 30 years old, about 77% womenhave the habit of removing armpit hair, a total of 62.9 million people. And23 million people will be using men’s razors, alone has more than 75 millionyuan in the market. While others have not found this market, they were keento capture this market, and quickly occupied all of the United Statesmarket. Gillette of the designers but also because of their bold and uniquevision, and earn tremendous profits for the company.


Young people start at the beginning, does have a bold vision, have a greatrelationship on entrepreneurial success. However, due to various reasons,hesitate become a barrier to many entrepreneurs, always striving forperfection, and in others, afraid of the consequences of failure. Tounderstand that in today‘s opportunity fleeting, if we do not act decisivelyto seize the opportunity, meet our perhaps complete failure ending.


Successful people, many people are not too high degree, start at thebeginning also don’t have much money and connections, but they have onecommon characteristic is to look for things to do, no matter how difficultand not shrink back. This is the bold entrepreneurs.


A private business owner, to 1000 Yuan starting from migrant workers in thestreets selling fritters, and eventually became worth more than 400 million of the President of the company. In an interview, he said: when I wasstarting a business do not know what can be done, anyway, since Danny madesure to get a sample. Slowly for a long time, contacts, money, experience,is relying on at the beginning of a unit officer!


Chen Tianqiao, President of Grand that year with same drive took all of 3million yuan of funds to bet on legendary, the result is now a billionaire.To know when legends no one play, he may accompany Peregrine. Is relying onthis drive, and to make his career. Every successful person almost withoutexception has this feature, is dare!


Entrepreneurship is often required before a major decisionCardinal dare toshoulder heavy burdens, faced failure, if you can give up comfort and ease.But too few people dare to make this decision, so success is the elite ofour time.


Larry Yung, Chairman of CITIC Pacific Group had repeatedly advised the young man to have determination and courage the courage and boldness. He said:when people don’t understand him, he knew what he was doing; when othersdon’t understand him when he understood what he was doing; while others areunderstood, he was rich; while others are understood, he did it! This is what makes millionaires.


Shakespeare once wrote, everything in the world has a high tide times. Iftaking the forefront, will lead you towards the best of luck. But if youdon’t have the guts and the bold courage, is he can’t do good leads theplayer anyway, perhaps because fear and end up being buried in a fish!
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Monk Combs sold

Monk Combs sold

Monk Combs sold

Sell comb to the monks? How‘s that gonna happen?! This almost laughed atmonk‘s, how can more and more sell?! Shouted believes many people will seethis was ridiculous. In fact, however, as long as you have the surprise ofwhim, combs sold monk is actually a very simple thing.


Four salesmen to the Temple a company selling Combs, who sells Combs, who ishigher the dividends. Results, first a salesman eat has Doo; second a salesman to comb can dredge blood of function, sold has 100 put; third a salesman to finishing pilgrims grooming for by, sold has Temple 1000 put; fourth a salesman is on temple for has carefully of observation zhihou, will let Abbot in comb Shang wrote “JI good” and Temple in of some couplets, must will to Temple added a most incense money, while also can let Temple reputation far broadcast. The Abbot thought, then signed with the salesmanup huge orders.


A great idea is something you have never done before, is exciting can’tbreathe thing, be brave bold and right thing was priceless, needs to keep secret things around. Today, the marriage of creative and economic, changesthe lives of everyone, it is no longer a minority of patents, it is no longer a country, it exists as you breathe in every corner of the world.


In 1974, the United States Government after the statue of liberty renovationleft a pile of scrap, began bidding to the community clean up waste. No onebid. At that time, a Jewish heard later, immediately flew to New York, whenhe saw the mountains of waste, without any condition and sign. Many peopleare perplexed, but unexpectedlythe Jews not only cleaned up the garbage,turning trash into gold.


He used these materialsto melt copper, make a small bronze statue ofliberty; wood waste, wood block waste lead and aluminum into a square key,and even sold the dirt to the flower shop. As a result, not only to achievethe efficient use of resources and avoiding disputes due to environmentalissues. Less than 3 months time, this pile of scrap becomes $ 3.5 million.The Jew is the Chairman of McCall Corporation.


The success of anything, because you can find better ways to do things. Thesource of innovation, in essence, is a breakthrough, the unconventional andthinking. Don’t think innovation is hard, as the saying goes good, no can’t do that, if you can dream, as long as you often think, pay attention to theside of the little things, you will have creative inspiration.
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Beware of dead frog in warm water

Beware of dead frog in warm water


United States a University did an experiment, researchers will throw a froginto boiling water in the wok, frog is strongly stimulated by the accident,made a quick response, struggled to jump, jump out of the pot, but self hassaved lives. Then the researchers put the frog into the Pan filled with cold water, and then gradually heating the pot, the frog being aware to relax inthe warm water until it is hot water when you can’t stand, again out of thewater but could not move, gave their lives.


Frogs do not die from boiling water and drowned in water ending, is veryinteresting. Frog first survived, because it is aware of the danger, weredoing their best to fight; the second burial pots, it is because it thoughtslack, unknowingly lose their ability to bounce to survive. If the frog inthe pot can keep watch, in rapidly out of the hot water temperature it isnot too late, not development can’t be boiled to death.


Little King has a master’s degree as a technology manager at a high-techcompany, he has served for 7 years in the company, in the company of a smallleader, also have a good salary. Look, Xiao Wang works in good condition,however, he was restless all day, trying to change the environment that hecan’t stay here anymore, what on Earth is it?


It turns out that Xiao Wang the application manager is just a title, alsowith one or two assistants, to do is wait for calls from customers every day, ready to serve customers machines to replace the damaged circuitboard. Moreover, the work he had done for 5 years, after about 3 years, hehad felt simply don’t learn something new, not only failed to progress andimprove, was repeating all the details!


Wang realized this will not do, and he also posted your resume, like thatpeople who have been working for 7 years but, when looking for a job isreally underachievement. Home Company job or salary, he has highrequirements. In addition, his faith in their ability to work is not enough,fear of risk, the status quo he worried that he is not competent and did not dare to move.


Like this one for a few years job-hopping has been, but he worried aboutafter-service can’t find fair wages and to cope with a job like this,sometimes regret your own favorite companies did not take the initiative tohis overtures, think we should wait and see. In this way, Wang eventually issearching to no avail. An outsider looks good job, Wang himself was inagony. He realized that continues to go on like this, like the frog in warm water will only stay in the same company as waiting for the mercy killing. Therefore, the anxiety and torment him all Kings.


Maybe you are in the types of the frog Prince, maybe you are in the middleof frog Minister, maybe you are just a novice frog, yearning for a betterfuture, dreaming of a bright future. But no matter what position, the storyof the frog in warm water are enough to make you vigilantbecause you don’tpay attention, it may become warm water a dead frog!


Prince position when you led his men with great success, and going tocelebrate? In a Minister position, ability to work very skilled, andrevenues are very well, then, do you wish to have a rest? Little frog, youfinally enter the dream company, does it worry?


Mosquitoes in the Veld group blocks, in order to resist the attacks ofmosquitoes, Mongolia horses often run against the wind, with the fastestspeed of the vicious mosquitoes swarm far behind. Our laziness, sometimeslike a mosquito, about us, keep sucking our blood. However, it is also somedifferences with the mosquito because it quietly, superficial! Might evenmake people feel safe and comfortable.


Everyone is inert, after when you have these ideas, they will relax theirrequirements in the unconscious, and this time, you unconsciously slip intodangerously warm water. Shut eyes to enjoy the comfort of warm water whenyou are half bath, a crisis approaching like a devil! When warm water isheated slowly, the fire more and more, you are not far from the pooroutcome!
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As a tool for digging of the first bucket of gold industry

As a tool for digging of the first bucket of gold industry

As a tool for digging of the first bucket of gold industry

In the initial stages, shortage of funds, small scale and there is novisibility as well as big companies squeezed is a very common situation. Soif you don’t work hard, achieve success.


Tsang Hinfrom the initial push cart in malls and streets selling neckties,to end their gold to tie into the ranks of world famous, his success and hishard work go hand in hand.


3. To seize the opportunity, and adventurous


For sure things, always return at least something, so entrepreneurs need totake risks. One thing you feel uncertain, people are not sure, but you did,there will be a possibility of success, if this is not done, it can onlylook at the success of others. So, it is always directly proportional to therisks and benefits, entrepreneurship is so, life is good. Anyone whoobtained a safe would have achieved great things.


4. Learn a craft


People know rich, as a technical body. With this thin, minimum target is tosupport his family, who made a supreme goal is set in reference.


Chen Yifei’s first to the United States, was first carried out to repair theMuseum paintings, pay is 1 hour for $ 3. Later, because painting isoutstanding and into the Gallery, when you heard someone bid $ 3000 eachpainting, Chen Yifei said: I think that hit the jackpot, as if dropped apie in the sky. It is because of his craft, had to make his futurebusiness.


5. Stones from other hills may serve to jade


Without pawns, and bones strong, but unrealistic, why? Good leave in allthings. Thus, good use of a variety of conditions, learn how to use chickenandegg, how important it is for entrepreneurs.


Start SI Tong Li company Wang Zhidong in 1993 to four-way to raise 5 millionHong Kong dollars, and later, four Libyan side was merged with the SinaNetWeb, SINA. In 1999, raised $ 25 million in the world, and later, and Dellcomputers and SOFTBANK raised $ 60 million. In 2000, the NASDAQ, which opensup a new world.


6. Do it yourself


Marie Curie said: the weak wait, strong men make time! A successful personsaid the same thing: on the conditions, not conditions on the conditionsmust be created. It means the opportunity to grab the first bucket of goldnot others, mostly created by yourself.


Li shufu, Chairman of Geely Group‘s Open Studio dig is the first pot ofgold. On one occasion, because he can’t afford to buy more than 1000 Yuan ofreflectors, just do it yourself, only cost 2 Yuan. And that put film camerathing are their own doing. In this way, he gradually fridges, motorcycles,cars, and so on. In his eyes, the car only has 4 wheels, 1 steering wheel,1 engine, 1 body shell, there are two sofas.


Entrepreneurship is a road of no return, 30 year old men, how to dig intothe first bucket of gold is critical. Determined to dig best age to takepot of gold of entrepreneurs to be successful, it must have a strongdesire to succeed, just as we have a strong desire to do; but must also havethe courage and determination to dare to do the first person to eat crabsperson!
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Entrepreneurship, heaven or hell

Entrepreneurship, heaven or hell

Entrepreneurship, heaven or hell
Geoffrey of Harvard Business School? That Geithner’s statistics, creation of high potential entrepreneurs with an average age of 30. In the age of the Internet, look at the face acne guy, their success menacing, more let a person feel more and more urgent, entrepreneurship as early as possible. Take advantage of the time when youth is effective, otherwise you will be marked “expired”!
In 1998, 21 year old Ding Hengli after graduating from college, worked for a large IT enterprises in Beijing. From Yunnan, he, from the sale of dry, very quickly to the Department of marketing department manager. The position of the annual salary of more than 100 thousand yuan, but also to Beijing to Yunnan round-trip air tickets can be reimbursed, as there are year-end awards. But “restless” he resigned in 2001, with partners in Shanghai opened a storage system of limited company, they want to develop China storage server first independent intellectual property rights, which was only 500 of the world to be strong.
When doing business, a group of Companies in Shanghai to see him, and would like to pay 500 thousand yuan annual salary to hire him. At this time, he also made more outrageous things: not only refused to hire, also burned their college graduation certificate, degree certificate, in the most drastic fight to win or die. Ding Hengli memories, he was the heart of the heart is no longer working, burning certificate can prevent the big companies out of the higher salary of the temptation”.
The result, Ding Hengli founded the company in Shanghai or failed. However, it is because of this business, so that his management and the ability to get a lot of improvement, for his future path of entrepreneurship to lay a solid foundation. Later, he returned to Yunnan and partners to do business.
Now, as the general manager of Yunnan science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Gaoyang Ding Heng at agloat ready to go to war, he said: “my goal is clear: it is to enter the” win “in the list of 5 China. Get the venture fund, can accelerate the realization of the two venture.” When the reporter asked: “now regret to give up in Shanghai, the annual salary of 500 thousand yuan?” “No regrets,” Ding Hengli replied, “not regret, because I not only have a greater return on the economy, but also achieve the first successful venture.”
There is no doubt that the 30 year old man is absolutely the peak period of entrepreneurship, at this time the accumulation of entrepreneurial needed money, experience and management ability. When the capital is set at one time, it is the best time to start a business.
The 30 year old is no longer pressing youth age. A real sense of crisis, the man will always consider whether the current work is the cause of their own life, in their own forced to retire, whether there is the ability to bear the heavy burden of family economy? So many 30 year old man tempted entrepreneurship inner impulse, so they would give up high school, brave enough to throw the helve after the hatchet.
However, the 30 year old man also has some weaknesses. The biggest weakness is easy to rush things, because the heart is too wild, Taichong and often Yangaoshoudi, unyielding personality is easy to misjudge the market situation. While the business needs to be diligent, conscientious and continue to learn new things, a variety of research, analysis, mining market and entrepreneurial resources; need to overcome one difficulty after another and business problems, lessons and successful experiences of failure, expand their scale and strength……

In the end is to choose a more comfortable job, or bold to jump out to start their own business? After all, the prospects of the venture, although beautiful, but it is still an unpredictable unknown! Although the success of the venture will bring great benefits, but the failure will also lead to devastating blow. As an entrepreneur, you must first understand their own, to find out whether they are suitable for business, whether they have done a good job, and then make further decisions.
A 30 year old man, such as a ten year sword
To start a business, the 30 year old man has the most headaches two problems: project and funding. But why have the project and funding, a lot of people still do poineering failure? There is such a word: “no money in the industry, only in the industry to make money.” Want to know, the ability of the entrepreneur himself often determines the success or failure of an entrepreneurial project. Only the entrepreneur’s superior ability, project success probability of business only.
There is an insect called King moth wings, long tens of centimeters, flying skills unmatched. Who gave the king a moth so strong wings? Not others, is its own best body with delicate cocoon, cocoon out of small holes, will have the joy of flying.
In the process of Nirvana, there are many larvae killed exhausted, a victim of the fly. Some people see, compassion, fetch scissors, cut a large hole, let the larvae easily from the cocoon hole drill out. However, this kind of self defeating, and did not let this moth became the emperor, because they can only drag drag wings crawling clumsily in the ground.
Originally, the emperor moth in extrusion mouth when forced collision cocoon, blood can be smoothly delivered to the wings of the organization, so that the king moth wings, powerful wings, otherwise, will never be able to temper the powerful king moth wings.
Remember, you can save yourself! A 30 year old man as king moth, don’t wait for any charity and mercy, only his thin body tempered into a sharp sword, to break out of the cocoon. The salvation of the scissors will only make your life crawling on the ground like a fly! Only in the constant collision and hammer, you “wings” to strong.
In fact, many of the men at the age of 30 has put itself into a sharp sword, their mentality and thinking has reached a pinnacle point, revealing a successful behavior are mature. This is mainly due to their continuous precipitation of their own results. There is no doubt that once they start a business, it means that no more than.
It is time they have both experience and courage when they are aware of their own abilities, so they don’t like at sea at the age of 20. Their creative thinking is the most active, energetic, and create the most exuberant. Especially in the network software, advertising, planning, consulting, securities, investment and other knowledge intensive industries, experience is no longer a fatal problem, it is important for the 30 year old man of the kind of innovative spirit”.
As Ding Lei was born in 1971, the 26 year old founder of Netease, 32 year old became the richest man China; the younger Chen Tianqiao, became the deputy general manager of the Shanghai branch of a group of 21 year old, 26 year old Grand founder, 32 year old net worth billions, replaced Ding Lei as a new generation of China’s richest man. These men are without exception, before the start of their own to create a very sharp, that shot invincible, invincible.
No person, numerous living beings universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, the target? Which do not have a dream? In this age, in order to achieve their dreams, most of the men will choose to start. However, the bitterness and pain on the road, but not everyone can afford and face. Ordinary can hide to become a top rise above the common herd, characters, will only continue to hone their own temper very sharp sword!
At the age of 30, the best time from the first pot of gold digging
A start empty-handed millionaire, has a rich history. One of the most important stage is to get the first pot of gold. Then, again by their own efforts or luck, soon made their wealth in geometric series rise, so a millionaire was born.
Man 30 is the best period of the first pot of gold digging. Between 25 to 35 years old, is a person’s creative thinking is the most active, energetic, the most energetic, the brain is also the best to make the stage, which is the most vigorous creation of the period.
So, as to entrepreneurs, how to dig the first pot of gold?
1 in their own familiar with the industry to look for
Because of their familiarity with the industry, it will avoid the waste of time due to strange.
Gates Bill was in the first of his most familiar industries to find and get successful, so far Microsoft has become a big Mac, Gates Bill has never done business with computer.

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30 years is a life, a key Biscayne 2

30 years is a life, a key Biscayne 2
30 years is a life, a key Biscayne
The Asian news reporter once asked Ding Junhui character: what you mean tohis snooker career planning? What is the next target? Ding answeredarrogant: I want to be the world‘s first time as short as possible.


See fame in her early 20 ‘s Ding Junhui, you feel ashamed and has over 30years of shame?! Some may say, it is because people small born snookerprodigy Ding, how can I talk to someone? But you want to go without, anddon’t catch every little bit of time for hard work, Ding Junhui have today?In the interview, he wanted to be the world‘s first desire even more eagerthan you, it‘s enough to make you alert, 30year old man, there is a sense of urgency! You have no time to waste!


Urgency is like a wanton violent tornadoes hit to the people of ourgeneration, and more and more people to be in, become a driving mystery ofour life force. Famous Chinese proverb 30 years old, were quietly changeda Word, becomes 30and urgent. What‘s the rush? Urgent House seats,tickets, worried, anxious wives, nasty qualifications, urgent, urgent urgentintelligence, skills, which do not have a taste of life.


Every day, when the sun rises when the animals start to run on the Prairie.Mother in the education of their children: children, you have to run fasterand faster, if you run faster than the slowest Gazelle, you‘ll starve to death alive! In another venue, the mother Oryx in the education of theirchildren: children, you have to run faster and faster, if you can’t evenfaster than the fastest Lion, then you will be eaten by them!


In this capable, yongzhe era on, if you don’t work hard, maybe the next daywould be laid off, unemployment. At that time, how do you face your friends and family? Maybe you think you are not worse than others, but people valueis the result, no matter how well you do, how talented, in everybody‘s eyes,as long as there are successful you are the loser, is doing nothing.


May 20-somethings who, antipathy to them and escape the life filled withurgency, their pursuit of fun, freedom and grasp the world in their hands.But at age 30, even if no one is forcing you to, you should jump intowithout thinking this whirlpool of urgency.


30 years for men, is the Golden season of life. So, 30 years old men withsuccessful ambition and urgent sense of urgency to fight for the future. Ifyou are still on time spent at the Mahjong table, electronic games room, or even song and dance hall, that you are sinners of his life, of his lifedigging graves!


30 years old, is a man of a qualitative leap


30 years old, is an important symbol of a boy into a man and men are an important period of transition. Win the world, lofty, with both hands tocreate one‘s own world, this is 30 years old man and dreams of glory! At this point, whether you succeeded or not, but as a 30 year old man, at leasthas become a real man.


The hope group is one of the country‘s largest private enterprise, wasachieved in 2001 to 11.3 billion yuan in sales value. He is the Group‘sfounder and CEO. But you never know that, before the age of 20, he had worna pair of decent shoes, without a new dress! In order for children to eat alittle meat in the new year, he and his three older brothers were forcedtogether on the path of entrepreneurship.


At age 16, he was interesting to claim that want to have a pair of shoes,and 20 years who wish to eat a pork, 30 business critical period, lookingfor someone to lend money to their own development. At the age of 30, whenhe had nothing. But the next year, at the age of 31 when he decided,together with three older brothers, sell watches, bicycles, black and whitehouses, raise 1000 Yuan, as inputs to the early days, starting from theplanting, breeding, 6 years to accumulate 10 million Yuan.
The late 80 ‘s, he turned to fodder production establishment hope group, oneof the first generation of mainland China‘s richest man. Now he is worth 4.8billion.
30 year old guys, do you still like 20 years ago, he wore a pair of oldshoes? Still retains too much youthful behavior and habits? At this time,make sure you understand fantasy pie in the sky is simply unrealistic, todream, we must grasp this important opportunity to hone the self to achievequalitative leap!
The catcher in the rye in the phrase: a mark of the immature man is that hewants to heroic sacrifice, a mark of the mature man is that he wants to livehumbly. Thus, from a face childlike young sophisticated 30-year old man, isoften the first step in successful people.
A mature of people in thought, and feelings, and action, and economic Shang has strong of independence, on others of dependence less; understand life of why real, clear himself to do what thing, has clear of life target, and has effective of action; can control live himself of mood, and has observation and insight things of capacity; face reality life has better of attitude, on setbacks, and difficult has quite of bear and resistance capacity.
So, 30 years for men, is a leap of maturity and change. Only seize thiscritical period, to do everything possible to improve themselves and turnpupa into butterfly, transformed into a successful person can be completelywon the glorious life and the respect of others!
30 years old, is a man of wealth creation a turning point
In the opinion of many, success before the age of 30 seem to be a distantdream, but there are some real ambition of men swore: 30 years old must havetheir own House and car! In fact, it‘s not impossible! You know, at age 30,Li Ka-shing, has surpassed the million yuan of assets; Shanda founder Chen Tianqiao, 30 years old his or her personal assets reached 4 billion!
Former General Electric Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jack? Welch, atage 30, recommended construction of a $ 10 million worth of the company‘sfactories, production of plastic products Norrell. When it comes to appointa Manager, no one is willing to risk for this kind of commercial value has failed to prove that products. Only Jack long for this job.
All household appliances are made of metal, Jack Norrell has created anelectric can opener, as the Terminal product can sell. Take this he believedNorrell can also have many other uses, including automotive body and shell, such as computer. Because there is little demand for plastic products in themarket at that time, Jack was almost the size of the market, constantly makethose baby bottles, automotive supplies, small appliances manufacturersunderstand: using plastic to manufacture these things, not only cheaper,lighter, and more durable.
The most exciting in my life, the most memorable moment was thatbreakthrough growth in the plastics sector‘s bright days, it let me know fast flowing water will not freeze. Jack? he said.
30 year old men, how to strengthen their capital accumulation, broaden thesources of income are very important things. At the age of 30, should workhard to accumulate wealth. For this period is the best time to createwealth, the life of this period like Jack? Welch said of the fastflowingwater, kept surging passion and energy, almost nothing could have been donewas not successful.
If you deposit at the age of 30, a handful of words, must remind ourselveson in this turning point in the creation of wealth, be sure to takeadvantage of, otherwise you will not only be a loser, but also to live forthe next 20 years will be how to spend the utmost anxiety.
Although most of us have in this period of wealth is not a lot, but as soon as possible for their wealth to make effective plans and actions, then thereshould be more protection for your life, will also lay a solid foundationfor future success.
Clock has gone off the door to 30 years old, 30 years old, men should havemore thinking, more action, clung to life transitions to create more wealth,and ran on the road to wealth.
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30 years is a life, a key Biscayne

30 years is a life, a key Biscayne
30 years old mantra


Passed down from ancient times 30 years old, like a mantra, men forcing is about to jump over the age of 30!


30 years is a life, a ridge, a man does not want to face but cannot escapethe shackles and spells. Life points, 30, who riveted the foot forward; theyfelt panic and crisis, fearing 30 years still will come to nothing?


When a man nearly 30 years old, always draw a cold. If 30 years old there isno cause of the Foundation, and incompetent people, handyman of highlyeducated, then 30 years old will live in my heart and curse their men 30years old, I was a small-time, do I have to waste more?! Felt even far more than a wanjianchuanxin!


Even clothes, 30 years old man seemed at a loss. If every day in a suit,would be mistaken to sell insurance; if you wear loose, should be taken aslaid off workers. Face it, 30 year old men always want to invite friends anddrink a few cups to pour heart become bitter. However, in this age offriends than pandas are rare, if you have no money to lend to them, has nothing to help them, no guts and bother to accompany their bubble Spa,gamble all night, then who wants to talk to you?


Survive in the cracks of 30 year old men, has irrevocably into the 30 years old curse. They have lost everything that can be an excuse to cover up forhimself, all explanations pale and ridiculous. 30 year old man has nochoice, no escape, only the back, take out more achievements to the eyes of the world!


Men 30, survive in a crevice


30 years old, is the most terrible period in a man‘s life. We‘ve all heardthat old line: on my 80 year old mother, 3 children under, and uncle letlittle go. It is in TV or film, thief was caught, and it used to describe aman of 30 years, perhaps fitting.


29-year old Liu near what had been the time to find a girlfriend.Girlfriends from Yunnan, as poor as his family and hometown of Liu, and alsohad two younger brothers at home reading a book. When Liu was Northerndrift 5 years, all along, he was renting. 22 year old girlfriend fromcollege there for half a year.


Old Liu decided that they worked so hard to save 100,000 yuan deposit to buya House. So he took his girlfriend began House event around busy themselves.After a few months, and finally in the Beijing suburb of a property dealerpaid the down payment, monthly for the acquisition of a House of his own.But the House is too far from the town, only one bus, green wheat fieldsacross the community.


From then on, Liu started his House slave life. It was most unhappy whenhe works, Money 2000 Yuan a month or so, his girlfriend during the probationperiod, only 800 Yuan a month. Monthly repayment 1268, near two half theirincome, with meals and transportation costs, it is simply to make ends meet.


Monthly mortgage, gradually became Liu‘s heart that he can’t consume morethan before, always carry something old Liu described heart what cannot be put down.


In the third year, Liu early repayment of a loan of 50,000 yuan, whichreduced his monthly payments from 1268 to 862, spending a lot less interest.But at the same time, his girlfriend and a friend of his on the good, andmuch better friends than he, the House is a one-time payment, than old Liudeveloped and people younger than Liu, handsome.


Just like Lao Liu, 30-year old man caught in almost daily survival,livelihood thanks to, on the move. To have enough money to pay for yourroom, utilities, fuel, or in hot weather air conditioning in fashion, infront of the food spoilage can buy a fridge. After you have your baby, but also to meet your child’s needs and not to worry about tuition, does not look a like children’s toys dig out enough money … …


Just 30 years old man traveling for lives and careers when Ding, Zhang and other acne hasn’t faded achieves million worth, after the Han also got alifetime achievement award, on the Forbes China rich list of young people isalso increasing. Then they started
Accept this heart stimulation over and over again, in the face of life‘scruel and pressure, they have to learn to find excuses for yourself, makeyourself in the sees of 20-somethings are successful men of Enron at thetime!
30, for men, is indeed the most horrible time of life. They belong to thefamily of surviving in the crevice, instead of 20-somethings sunshine andvigor, also does not have the maturity of 40-somethings and self-contained.A simple 30 years old will be tortured as a terminally ill male lion.
30 years old, is no longer the romantic age
In the Hong Kong director Ann Hui‘s movie man of 40, Jacky start facingtemptations when their female students to cheat, looked tired in the windowand sighs on, life is endless exams exam. Girl said, you have to learn togive yourself a holiday. However, for a 30-year old man, maybe a big testhas only just begun, and holidays in sight. You know, is no longer theromantic age!
Known as the winner, said Raymond Chow Yun-fat at the same time, was alsothe first to be included in high school textbooks of entertainers. Howeverwhen he was younger even staged a sensational love suicides Hong Kong as awhole.
In 1977, Chow Yun-fat in the movie called the drama of the Tycoon and Idy Chan‘s affinity for a period of up to five years, love pulls open thecurtain. They appear as a couple in the major entertainment magazines from time to time, the celebrity relationships are a lot of people. Fage was alsofor the love of madness and deeply romantic involvement.
However, by the end of 1982, 20 in several years Idy Chan home, drank a lot of dettol and detergent in order to commit suicide, finally out of dangeruntil a timely rescue.
Investigate its cause, civil explanations abound. One day after many years,Fage in an interview when asked whether he had unforgettable love, Fagehesitated for a moment said: eternal love are dead, or not to talk aboutit!
Man at 20 years of age, you can cut wrist tattoos, rags and angryresignation lodging around, you can also read a girl‘s name lie drunk in thestreet. In short, do more fastidiously secular, more brutal youth, thoughtthis is really my style.
However, when men reach the age of 30, was suddenly withheld, even morerealistic. Hate your boss and colleagues, but for the job, had to choose tosubmit. May be one day all of a sudden a girl moving, but it occurred andhow can it? So from the heart quiet down. Come and go, and in a hurry, 30-year old man, began to put the costs and benefits as a prerequisite for amate, pretty young themselves can’t afford to fight it, older and worriedseshuaiaichi, did not want to hurt others and want to give my whole heart.All of the romantic, vanished in the measure and calculation of this over and over again.
Men at the age of 30, you must to select the direction of life, industry,and the future. At this time, all the romantic has gone, leaving only thereality, and the reality that a sustained effort to be able to see.
There is a sense of urgency, age faster men over 30
Man age faster than 30, 30 men feel strongly that life on the fly, but inreality they are still empty, nothing. Once you look closely will find, thatstood in front of a lottery machine back tirelessly to buy lottery ticketsare 30 years old man. But God just like a trick on them, want to getsomething more is not, 5 million award was not in the last fifty or sixty years old man, is the 20-something who is.
If there are no dings, it is estimated that few Chinese know why snooker.
Ding, born in 1987, 8 years old contact billiards, 13 Asian Invitationalthird place, 15 got the Asian Championships, he is China‘s most legendarypool Prodigy. 2002 Busan Asian Games, Ding Junhui run-off, won the snookerindividual champion changed the history of China‘s no medal in the Asian Games billiards items. After becoming a star, he was labeled a poolProdigy, snooker genius label. At this point, he is only 19 years old.
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How can a man make himself calm

How can a man make himself calm

How can a man make himself calm
A: not to take the promise, promise and then deny in succession mature man will he have attached great importance to each of their promises in wishing well to consider before, their words are really honored, if cannot cash if he never said the word and deed. Mouth running train, leaving gun, showing no action of men, from mature. Every word he said makes you feel safe and trustworthy.
Two, don’t talk casually: never talk with eloquence, he will take the appropriate silence voices clearly but not shouting. Drink a little wine on the small story of their own small story with a large table, do not have to be able to hear the speaker of the house, this man, the most Bo audience laugh, who will not put you so called “struggle of the road” in the heart.
Three, learned and reserved: they read and accept new things and new information, and constantly enrich the connotation of its own. But they do not play, their talent only when it is necessary to show up, never deliberately to satisfy the vanity to show off. They like the mellow wine, the more goods more flavor.
Four, Mi Hirohiro: not over, not cheap, do not care to eat a small loss, not to chatter without stop complaining about. Their vision has never been tripping trivial matters, for a small family quarrel, they are often the first angel back”.
Five, not to self as the center: respect for themselves, but also know how to respect others. They are good at empathy, will stand in the position of others into consideration, not force others to accommodate themselves, good cooperation with others. The man who “how I am”, the typical little emperor, has not grown up.
Six, the courage to admit mistakes: mature man is not stubborn, can accept different opinions, good at adopting good advice. Inappropriate for their decisions, they have the courage to bear the consequences, and never find an excuse for prevarication.
Seven, the will firm: mature man has a place to change the psychological quality, they once determined their goals, they work hard to meet setbacks, they analyze the reasons, draw a lesson, timely correction direction, but it is not easy to say. They will be tired, but after the break, and the confidence of the.
Eight, clean and tidy: mature man to respect their appearance. They stay the most suitable for their own hair, chin clean no beard stubble, face is not greasy, do not stay long fingernails. Do not have to brand-name clothes, but clean and generous, do not wear wrinkled like a courier. They will never wear black leather shoes with white socks and wear suits to travel.
Nine, zunlaoaiyou. A mature man is love, there is a sense of social responsibility, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. He will give the elderly and pregnant women, will donate the affected areas, will help children, will donate blood…… They don’t have to do all these things, but they won’t do anything.
Ten, there are hobbies: they are not only aware of the work of the robot, know how to use their spare time to adjust their tense nerves, work and leisure two, which makes them interesting. No wonder women say: a man who loves is not easy to go bad.

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30 year old man who should have what?

30 year old man who should have what
30 year old man who should have what?
The old saying goes, 30 years old, 30 years old is an important stage inlife. Head end of the word, beginning with the prefix three, 30 year old man should be like?
30 year old man put off my 20 year old boy‘s childlike, starting to matureand stable. Not yet 40 years old man‘s sophistication and cunning, not yet20 years old boys immature and ignorant, the golden age of 30 year oldmen. Robust start, innocence remain, 30-year old man was the most favoriteage for women.
Treat business, 30 year old man who know what they want, know what to do. Hehas a hard, see hope of working, there are not many but also ease ofsavings. 30-year old man in the fight for the cause, but it will not bedragged like a 20 year old, he knows the choice and give up, know little anddoing nothing. He was motivated, but without careful scheming.
Life, man 30 years not 40 years old man and Premier, nor cope with like 20years old man living, 30-year old man with money is a bit busy, will beginto pay attention to the quality of life. He no longer casual jeanswest, and Giordano set in the body, also do not have to deal or no deal, had him owndress up, 30-year old man will choose the most comfortable of all. He notindulge yourself like in College smelly shoes and sweaty or bathing do notbrush their teeth goes to bed, he would every day to wash clothes, take careof your hair, spray a little hint of Eau de Cologne. 30-year old man won’tstay up all night playing online games, small on QQ bubble mm, 30 year oldman is going to take some time to read a book, newspaper, occasionally stay up late that was the ball game. Man 30 years do not have to cook every day,but there must be a few dishes to please the beloved woman. 30-year old manis no longer with the coke deal, sprite, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried chicken,red wine, coffee, tea are better choices, eating is a good home, especiallyhis wife.
Love, 30-year old man will not be focusing on woman looks like a man 20years or focus on a woman‘s age like 40 years old man. 30 year old man choose women choose clothes as the same, comfortable is good. Differentwomen alongside he no longer likes and likes to talk to women shied away,until she becomes his wife. 30-year old man stop constantly thinking aboutthat, he prefers to talk with a woman his ideas. 30-year old man, not ahandsome win age, but by the wisdom and charm to conquer a woman. He hasn’ttired of marriage, even dependent, so the opportunity to occasionally run into is having an affair, generally perfect, once lost, is ashamed. Unlikethe 40-year old man, woman as prey, always looking for. 30-year old man willwant to have a family, a child, a woman called her husband, a man called hisfather‘s child, his family enjoys the fruits of their labor are happy.
30-year old man was going to start paying attention to health, tobacco,liquor and few touch, life must be the rule, not too busy to exercise. Afterthe age of 35, the body began to decline, no capital can easily spend manyyouth.
In short, an important stage of life is 30 years old man, green graduallyfaded, confident and mature gradually radiates charm. 30-year old man, hasthe responsibility, have a future, is the most popular age for a woman‘sheart.
Today, there is a man who is 30 years old, I am here to congratulate him!
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Worth a man to try the entrepreneurial project

Worth a man to try the entrepreneurial project

Worth a man to try the entrepreneurial project
Sanshierli men, 30 year old man is need to struggle and struggle, then fit man 30 years of entrepreneurial projects what? Xiaobian for you recommended 10 money fast! Want to venture man please come in and have a look!
Men’s accessories shop
Male jewelry shop best location in the jewelry store concentrated street or the bustling commercial district, and costumes monopoly concentrated area. General to 20-30 square meters advisable; shop arrangement must be concise, lively, elegant and refined, embody the male masculinity, so men customers is more willing to patronize. The men of the jewelry store should pay attention to the following business strategy: 1) tracking the male jewelry popular trend and try to figure out the men in jewelry the consumer psychology, but also in men choose accessories at any time and guide; 2) the characteristics of the store must be bright; 3) pay attention to public relations and promotion.
Comic bar
With the social development, cultural consumption is gradually diversified, the pace of life accelerated, people began to pursue a more relaxed way of reading, adults read comic form a reading fashion, open a small adult cartoon bar, you can easily make money. A list of about 1) the amount of investment: establishing a manga bar needs to engage in the area of 50 square meters, the monthly rent in the 500-1000 yuan, comic books to the quantity, quality, for the first time purchase cost of about 3 million yuan, the ingenuity of the decoration is about 3000 yuan, plus employees to pay 1200 yuan, water and electricity fee of 1000 yuan and other expenditures, the first phase investment 4 million yuan; 2) benefit analysis: according to the survey, the peak season, from the beginning of high school students and college students to the white-collar class, one day down the waiter’s hand with a thick wad, at least 200 copies, with the lowest consumption of 20 yuan, the monthly income in the tens of thousands of yuan of above. Minus the expenses, net profit at least in more than 2 million yuan, in the short term can recover the cost; 3) location and business development: comic should be opened in the campus or high-grade office buildings in the vicinity, adopts a membership system and the implementation of preferential method of time, at the same time supply of drinks, food, and other small to supplement the main industry.
Freelance writer
To be a successful writer, the following factors is important: 1) on the media manuscript asks to have a certain degree of confidence, the best and some newspaper editor to establish good relations of cooperation; 2) master certain allowed skills. Some well-known publications such as “bosom friend”, “family” royalties has reached 1000 thousand yuan, to the publication submission must not manuscript; 3) mastering royalties market; 4) the use of the Internet contribute to freelance people it may be said is imperative. With the release of 15 per month, the average was 200 yuan fee, the income of 3000 yuan.

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