30 men’s perception of life

30 men‘s perception of life
When lit blinking stars in the night sky, and the road was dark inside.
When flying into the night road, in spite of a memory of the past.
Used to love, affection, we could not have the courage to face down.
Failure is always the end of one stage, but at the same time with the start of a new trial.
Day did not stop in time, but our life will have to stop one day.
It is a race against time, or make time stop, only our own choice.
Happiness is in the end what is it? let us chase it forever.
What is big or small? there is no size, only what you feel is real.
What is love?is a word that? is a lifetime commitment that? what the hell is this?
When it comes to love, desperate for love, but when you give it all the time, do youreally love?
Responsibility for what? a man give everything for women, or women do anything for men?
No good man or good woman when they find their balance, they will think the other is the best.
When we give up our love, maybe we will understand what is love.
When we gave up her career when, maybe you know and the people who love youso happy together.
When we abandon selfish then, maybe you can see the broad-minded people‘s vision.
When we give up evil, maybe we can get a good return.
When we give up our lazy, maybe we just realized, diligent can change your life.
The life of a person, the most difficult was actually facing.
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