30 year old man’s change

30 year old man’s change
For only twenty years old, they said pour bottom to call you uncle, or call your brother good, let me dumbfounding, yes, time goes really fast, Shaohua circulation, and time is fleeting, green banana, red leaves, is a juvenile white head, in the twinkling of an eye 30 has been oblivious. I really have grown up.
I really do not have a good carefully pondering the boy thirty down the bottom is what kind of, boys thirty those aspects began to change. Let me from our own experience to sum up bit by bit. Of course, I have to declare the work of the public like us. [by Www.DuanMeiWen.Com finishing]
This time thirty boys is generally in the late seventies of the boys, this period boys are generally is the youngest of the many her sister. They are also after the 1970s most highly pet in one generation, is not the same with 80 after 90 after the only son of, they enjoy coddled and enjoy the suffering people.
Thirty year old boys at twenty years of age, picture yourself if to thirty, it should arrive at the time and successful, mature, not panic, confident, happy family realm. Did not expect to 30, is the beginning of a youth is about to expire, the mature even half a beat, and cause no into the state, with a little bit of anxiety, with a little bit of panic, with little helpless. Although and did not appear in the thirty years before sleep not to wake, thirty years after sleep phenomenon, but when midnight or more or less sigh number storing pay attention between. Work hard, when is the head? Marriage inner monologue
Thirty boys appearance and 25 years old is not much change, but 30 years old boy’s heart was years of wear is the sharp edges and corners, 25 years old can also contradict the leadership of truth. At the age of thirty is selected patient, although the heart has unwilling, on the face can pile up unwillingly smile. That step as boundless as the sea and sky is the truth. Twenties often to own an idea, a goal and excited and will be desperate to implement, to struggle; at thirty often of an idea, a target hesitates, multi feasibility analysis, consider rethinking.
Thirty year old boy found his own purse still, and at the age of twenty as sentimental, even had more timid, twenties to my pocket only 33 blocks can still back chic, 30 years old when my pocket has 330 block out but still feel not dependable. Son to eat de chicken eating, wife to Tim cosmetics, the house is still owing on the loan, mom and dad started the body is not good, the mother-in-law also honor. In twenties can be said to make money is used to spend, thirty year old lamented that it is not easy to earn money.
Thirty year old boys in the twenties love to hear buddy loyalty, sharing weal and woe, Liangleichadao, talented, handsome stay cool this words, 30 – year-old boys began to knowledgeable, mature, your career greater success and your infinite charm, sexy strong, lianxiangxiyu the phrase interested. Female screen name
Thirty year old boys in the 20s chasing girls can say TianHuangDeLao, Haikudanlan love you will never change, 30 years old found nonsense it is to deceive the girls, 30 years old boy still want to live a little romance, is found to be always and love romantic have different step. Romantic to the past and would like to violate.
Thirty year old boys strenuously hard career, expect their own success, family expectations had a little happiness, but often neglect the girl around feeling, he did not feel to this girl her request is often do together dinner so simple.
Thirty year old boys in the eyes of the little girl is uncle, i.e., no at twenty years of age, the division of the gas, no 25 cool taste, in the 28 year old female white-collar city view, 30 year old boys too thin is too petty so no personality, no 40 year old male success as data, it is not enough deep vicissitudes enough atmosphere.
Thirty year old boys if you are not married, but found that their marriage has become a chronic, girls are not too young and she couldn’t see him; is girls are too old-fashioned too ugly and he couldn’t see her, 30 year old unmarried male at this time became the long-standing social marriage! And you became the girls mouth chicken ribs, tasteless gesture.
Thirty year old boys found when gallstones, fatty liver, prostate, high blood pressure (noted, I haven’t been) the fundamental thought and self was not the upper bound of the disease began quietly emerged in their physical form, although is only slight, but people have to feel depressed time waits for no one.
Thirty year old boys began to find their own boil always all night not sleep a day can fill the back of the. 30 year old boys playing a basketball will be found sleeping at night hands how or pain, on their own full of confidence with body began to a little confused and shaken. This is how?
Thirty year old boy can not help but ask, thirty years old boy how, thirty years old boy how have so many? Is thirty years of age is really a watershed in life, boys thirty is not a flower, not a bean curd, what is it, is it really bitter?
The above is just a boy to thirty-one little quiet feeling, the boy’s life development prospects how, thirty years old little subtle change state can not fully explain the problem, three Wear theperfects Jewelry store jewelry, let you show.

More than just boys to 31 bit quietly feeling, the prospects for the development of the boys life, thirty year old little subtle changes in the state can not be comprehensive description of the problem, thirty boys sometimes listless, but more can be full of vim and vigor; boys at the age of thirty, although there are also dead, but more to brilliance; thirty year old boy although sometimes start to swallow, but more can be as boundless as the sea and sky; thirty year old boys, though sometimes cynical. But more happy and natural and unrestrained; boys at the age of thirty, although sometimes also feel covered with sores, but more to simple romantic.
Look at the issue to be dialectical! Boy thirty, not terrible! Terrible is the heart is not right.

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