30 years is a life, a key Biscayne

30 years is a life, a key Biscayne
Life is to live through the age of 30, had lost everything that can be an excuse to cover up for himself. You have no choice, no escape, only the back, take out more achievements to the eyes of the world … … “30 years old” mantra passed down from ancient times “30 years old”, like a mantra, men forcing is about to jump over the age of 30!
30 years is a life, a ridge, a man does not want to face but cannot escape the shackles and spells. Life points, 30, who riveted the foot forward; they felt panic and crisis,fearing 30 years still will come to nothing? When a man nearly 30 years old, alwaysdraw a cold. If 30 still no cause of the Foundation, and incompetent people, handyman of highly educated, then 30 years old will live in my heart and curse their men 30 years old, I was a small-time, do I have to waste more?!
Felt even far more than a wanjianchuanxin!
Even clothes, 30 years old man seemed at a loss. If every day in a suit, would be mistaken to sell insurance; if you wear loose, should be taken as laid off workers. Face it,30 years old men always want to invite friends a drink, to pour in abundance. However, in this age of friends than pandas are rare, if you have no money to lend tothem, has nothing to help them, no guts and bother to accompany their bubbleSpa, gamble all night, then who wants to talk to you? At 30 years old man living in the crevice has been irretrievably into a 30 years old curse. They have lost everything that can be an excuse to cover up for himself, all explanations pale and ridiculous.30 years old man has no choice, no escape, only the back, take out more achievements to the eyes of the world!
Men 30, survive in a crevice, 30, is the most terrible period in a man‘s life. We‘ve allheard that old line: I have 80-year old mother, 3 children under, and uncle let littlego.
This is in TV or film, thief was caught, and it used to describe 30 years old man, perhaps fitting. 29-year old Liu near what had been the time to find a girlfriend. Girlfriends from Yunnan, as poor as his family and hometown of Liu, and also had two younger brothers at home reading a book. When Liu was Northern drift 5 years, all along, he was renting. 22 year old girlfriend from college there for half a year. Old Liu decided that they worked so hard to save 100,000 yuan deposit to buy a House. So he took his girlfriend began House event around busy themselves. After a few months, and finally in the Beijing suburb of a property dealer paid the down payment, monthly for the acquisition of a House of his own. But the House is too far from the town, only one bus, green wheat fields across the community. From then on, Liu started his House slave life. It was most unhappy when he works, Money 2000 Yuan a month or so, his girlfriend during the probation period, only 800 Yuan a month. Monthly repayment 1268, near two half their income, with meals and transportationcosts, it is simply to make ends meet. Monthly mortgage, gradually became Liu‘s heart that he can’t consume more than before, always carry something old Liu described heart what cannot be put down. In the third year, Liu early repayment of a loan of 50,000 yuan, which reduced his monthly payments from 1268 to 862, spendinga lot less interest. But at the same time, his girlfriend and a friend of his on thegood, and much better friends than he, the House is a one-time payment, than oldLiu developed and people younger than Liu, handsome. Just like Lao Liu, 30-year old man caught in almost daily survival, livelihood thanks to, on the move. To have enough money to pay for your room, utilities, fuel, or in hot weather air conditioning in fashion, in front of the food spoilage can buy a fridge. After you have your baby, but also to meet your child’s needs and not to worry about tuition, does not look a like children’s toys dig out enough money … … Just 30 years old man traveling for lives and careers when Ding, Zhang and other acne hasn’t faded achieves million worth,after the Han also got a lifetime achievement award, on the Forbes China rich list ofyoung people is also increasing. So, they begin to accept this heart stimulation overand over again, in the face of life‘s cruel and pressure, they have to learn to find excuses for yourself, make yourself in the sees of 20-somethings are successful men ofEnron at the time!
30, for men, is indeed the most horrible time of life. They belong to the family of surviving in the crevice, instead of 20-somethings sunshine and vigor, also does not have the maturity of 40-somethings and self-contained. A simple 30 years old will betortured as a terminally ill male lion. 30 years old, is no longer the romantic age of Hong Kong director Ann Hui‘s movie man of 40, Jacky Cheung, lured his female students to cheat, looked tired in the window and sighs on, life is endless exams exam. Girl said, you have to learn to give yourself a holiday. However, for a 30-year old man,maybe a big test has only just begun, and holidays in sight. You know, is no longer the romantic age!
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