30 years old man embarrassing

30 years old man embarrassing
30 years is an awkward age, the life in the orchard, it is like ripe apples, green glowing in red, red glows with green, sour with sweet, sweet and sour with his mouth full,hazy, lost puzzle staring you cannot determine what it is what kind of taste and feel.It makes people want to cry but no tears, sorrow, said Hugh.
Years of the first is embarrassing. The other day, go to the street for buying vegetables, the vegetable is a 17 or 18 year old girl, watch me come, politely said: uncle, you come to buy food!, I jump, I’m only 30 years old, just call me uncle, I’m that old. Then ran home in panic in the economy to look in the mirror, his eyes did get wrinkles? beard is not shaved? love see through my thoughts, quipped: you thought youwere still young, old persimmon tree bark! I sigh, 30-year old man did really old? not 30 years old woman Jerry, 40 man flower do? I am only 30 years old!
Second was embarrassing. People are said 30 stand, is said 30 age should career success has, if “State” has even has, most embarrassing of is also no “State” of people, parents to doctor, mother-in-law to honor, lover to buy new clothes, children to into insurance, most important of is computer also no buy, water heater also no loaded, House also no decoration……


Most was headache of is, if you is administrative organ of cadres, or is company of old employees, see with side than himself age small of, than himself age big of, a sesame flowering steadily up climbed, and you is because all reasons in “place stepping”, others on will with suspicious even is disdain of tone asked: “friends, not has problem’s!”, that feel on as 28 or 29 age of older girl also no found in-laws as let people shame. Therefore, you only have airlamented, and morality, and however, lamented the sunk boat as thousands of junks will sail past, saplings spring trees.
The three friends are embarrassed. 20 people, however, whatever, eat sleep and sleep and eat, without anything to worry about, anyway, you’re not married, parents have to fulfill it. Have free time, and Tiger dog friends to the disco, go to the Internet, to play cards, to find their favorite girls chat. 40 people, had only modest success in their careers, economic foundation has been in prison, meet friend invitations can roundly say: doing? sing, drink tea, drink or wash sauna, you pick!
30 age of people on no, he both No 20 age people as wind as of free, more No 40 age people deal or no deal of forthright, he only shy to curled up in home, see TV, wash wash clothes, accompany accompany wife, with with children, occasionally was call invited to participate in social activities, also only Squeak well well to said: “sorry, I today has special matter of thing, go not open, next’s!”, actually heart most clear, on himself earned of that SA Walnut both date, also enough family Shang high-end restaurant drink a times tea does.
Its four feeling awkward. 20 years old guy, fresh and handsome, handsomesunshine, whole body exudes seductive young, wherever you go is like a powerful magnetic field to attract the girl‘s attention. 30 years old who is not, although age is not too large, but in this muddy water whipped lived for more than 30 years, is not said to be going through the wind and rain, at least, have sailed. Than 20 years old guy, cool brother, crush, fan, his every move, smile are gleaming with sadness, evento an early grave. More than 30 years of fought, not know said wrong has how many words, do wrong has how many thing, fell has how many somersault, flow has how many sweat, can not left is branded did? is meat knock broken has, also will left points scar, no a girls will so silly, silly to even small old man are see not out, alone also is has knot has married of small old man, addition, not has article on love of articles said: “girl, please away from married men” did, seems, 30 age of men not only didn’t people like, also is dangerous goods does, that on “dangerous goods, do not touch!” Bar.
No girls like it, after all it was flowers in the mirror, months in the water, only a distance, and not treated disrespectfully, but most can’t stand at home may not be able to get warm. Lover never like had just love Shi as, according to with you, and by with you, and pull with you, and you drawing near, ear Temple Republika mill, past that “day missing, as across ploughing” of hope and “months Shang Liu rises, people about evening Hou” of romantic, already was married Hou of fuel, and Sissy corrosion to fragmented, and gone, remaining of just endless of nagging and complained, like: colleagues small Lee business earned has money, to wife buy has gold and silver jewelry, neighbors small Guo mention has Deputy Chief, put brother-in-law arrangements in has Office , My friend went into business, bought a house in a big city, and so on, you always feel most timid people under the Sun, the most worthless person.As a man, if in the eyes of love is a loser, then what?
Besides Exchange awkward. 30 years old, is a life more or less have a little feeling ofage, though it is young, but has an abundance. You want 20-year-olds said their lessons, to provide reference for smaller brethren, opens her mouth, people will say: rough! you than I did a few years meal, loaded in front of my boss!. See 40 people, you want to appeal a complaint, whine, people will Pat you on the shoulder to say: come on, man, what I have gone through, the way that I crossed the bridge, and more than you, live with it!
Well, 30 years old, 30 years old with no resistance, alone 30 years, furious over 30 years!
Fate you have to like the cicada had just drilled out soil, endured tough fission, youhave to like the silence in the darkness, precipitation of rain quietly between heaven and Earth, you are more like the pupa hibernates in a cocoon, and looking forward to the day butterfly.
Because, after all, the life of a person, 30, is just the beginning.
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