30 years old man’s mind

30 years old man‘s mind


When youth was young, did not take into account 30 years came, how I would? Always feel too far, too far from the age of 30. Unconsciously, 30, so calm, so pleasant, let you prepare are not or do not know how to operate 30 light shade.
Ever fantasized about marching beat of the youth, enjoying the warm sunshine, canbe free and happy. Reality is better than imagination between distant, young dynamic, energetic personality has as the years go by, leaving only sour taste, so you have to chewed deep, to savor.
When 30 years came, finally find themselves no longer have young dare ganpin Valor, unrealistic endeavor and imagination, suddenly learn to consider other people‘s feelings, understands that hope is the final work.
Pave the way for gradually to 30 is the saddest thing. You have to look to the youthaway from the back, but unable to recall only memories in my mind. Had to watch again the good time go slowly and have to moved relentless years and had to pray for those happy wishes.
In this way, the time away in 20 years time you at the same time, bring you a wealthof 30 years. Such as sound, such as depth, such as focus, such as history, such as mature love, such as progressive … …
Open the eyes closed, 30 blinks. Pan Changjiang said: man 41 flower. 30 year oldman is bud bud, contained beautiful, waiting for the opening of the moment, will give you a special surprise!
Facing the fast paced life, 30 years old man began to fade away 20 years of indulgence, beautiful vision of the reality, and then those to begin your ready again to findher way in the world. Learn amidst strong learned to pinch pennies, learned to think about the future. 30 age of men, gave up has for happy of self create tomorrow, change into has for wife son struggle of power, always are for home sake, for this home struggle, to let himself of wife had have happiness, to let himself of children has than himself more happy of childhood, to will home playing caused beautiful of Harbour, also to himself created a seats warm of space. When the heart is tired,depressed, happy, and back can be a comfort.
Emotionally, 30 years old man abandoned to be beautiful on the outside and soft voice as the criteria for selecting a woman. But every love will take the time to test the true meaning of love, the facts to distinguish true love, no longer sought a moment of psychological comfort and pamper yourself repeat the mistakes of youth. Inadvertently, you can find the man, the lack of a romantic, but more flexible and soft, strong, despite the lack of a romantic surprise but comforting and caring from the heart although without SA‘s appearance, but more solemn mood. Men followed the years growing up, knowing the meaning of life, know the meaning of home, knowwhy, know who they fight for, know the ups and downs of his taste why, know whywould experienced waves of strong, knowing his own sweet life for whom? Know why they drained the last drop of blood and tears, but still stood Stern. 
30 years old man, with the wisdom of the wise and mature. Since then, not dumpedby beautiful temptation, not for the glitz of the virtual and compelling, not for smallfailure and destruction. But, failing to take calm, sense motive, die departs to fight again.
30-year old man, tasted the world of love and hate, and sometimes as a play, and sometimes as a drama. False false false, Ethereal excesses. Know of tolerance was generous enough to cherish all, cherish love themselves and their loved ones.
30-year old man, began to seek emotional sincerity and understanding in their livesin the hope of finding mutual caring and selfless care. Men started to use to irrigatethe feelings of their own, with actions and results to fertile belong to that part of theworldtheperfects.cn
30-year old man, broad-minded, softness, and every move, reflecting the broad, enough to hold an army, can accommodate all things.
30-year old man, outside, waves, vigorous and resolute at home, look after and caremore.
30-year old man for love, real nice, real; love, graciously mellow, really.
Men 30, aloes time to my heart, to finish, hard run, another starting point for life, began to run, run … …
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