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Shakespeare said, man is the essence of the universe, all the primates. Indeed, the birth of life – a repeat the miracle. At the same time, the rhythm of life but is tortuous and long — sometimes sonorous, sometimes low, sometimes intense, and sometimes gentle – – – – – – the meaning of life is manifest in the process. Every one of them has passed through the time, some people walk freely, some people walk along. If you can let us get back to another one, I think everyone will go more wonderful than it is now. But it is only a hypothesis, in fact, every one of them is a step forward, and the time will pass the door behind him, and he will never turn back. What we should do is not to regret the past, but to grasp the present, and the future.
30 years old is a hurdle in life, is the life of a watershed, is a milestone in the history of life, is the life of the runway on a new starting line. A person’s life, in the beginning, but has not been fixed, but also full of suspense, everyone can enjoy.
Circulation time, Shaohua perishable, no matter how you feeling, life in total some things worth us to pursue, such as affection, love, friendship, work, life, career, and so on. Thirty of the year, you should learn to settle down, take root at the foot of the land, will complain and do not like buried into the soil, quietly release their energy. Until one day, you’ll find out yourself since there is a thick with leaves and deep-rooted, own a piece of independent space.
Not at the age of twenty, not contaminated with forty years of sophisticated, like the taste of a cup of mellow coffee, everything Zhi? Good, everything just right, you should is 30 years old, and singing, and proud.
In fact, as long as each person based on the reality of the conditions, crying, laughing, love, hate, struggling to fight over, leaving behind a string of unique in mind, this is a perfect life. Regardless of the outcome, it is important that we have been through the long river of time, the experience of the magic of life, the process is more important than the result.

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