Entrepreneurs, need to have a bold bold

Entrepreneurs, need to have a bold bold


Entrepreneurs to have a bold spirit of dynamism, zhongzuiduxing. The fashionfor him, and trends can stop him, public opinion can not bury him! For him,the ideal is the power, ambition is light, opportunity ladder. He uses hispower to conquer the rugged cross fault. Difficulties and hardships canweaken his entrepreneurial ambitions, but struggle to move forward towardthe established goals, to the great wall is not a true man, that is theentrepreneurial path of true strength.


As we all know, razor was originally malespecific products, but the United States Gillette had designed a women‘s razor, and achieved great success, isthis how it goes?


Gillette is one of the designers, accidentally discovered a strangephenomenon, many middle-aged women have the habit of removing armpit hair.He thought quickly and return to the company in the design of a series ofwomen‘s razors. But this programme for almost all of the objections, theysaid this is unlikely to succeed. Some people even mocking attitude heldhands in his pockets.


But he eventually opposition insist on research, and simply deciding to go public, and Gillette have made huge gains.


Originally, in the United States in women over 30 years old, about 77% womenhave the habit of removing armpit hair, a total of 62.9 million people. And23 million people will be using men’s razors, alone has more than 75 millionyuan in the market. While others have not found this market, they were keento capture this market, and quickly occupied all of the United Statesmarket. Gillette of the designers but also because of their bold and uniquevision, and earn tremendous profits for the company.


Young people start at the beginning, does have a bold vision, have a greatrelationship on entrepreneurial success. However, due to various reasons,hesitate become a barrier to many entrepreneurs, always striving forperfection, and in others, afraid of the consequences of failure. Tounderstand that in today‘s opportunity fleeting, if we do not act decisivelyto seize the opportunity, meet our perhaps complete failure ending.


Successful people, many people are not too high degree, start at thebeginning also don’t have much money and connections, but they have onecommon characteristic is to look for things to do, no matter how difficultand not shrink back. This is the bold entrepreneurs.


A private business owner, to 1000 Yuan starting from migrant workers in thestreets selling fritters, and eventually became worth more than 400 million of the President of the company. In an interview, he said: when I wasstarting a business do not know what can be done, anyway, since Danny madesure to get a sample. Slowly for a long time, contacts, money, experience,is relying on at the beginning of a unit officer!


Chen Tianqiao, President of Grand that year with same drive took all of 3million yuan of funds to bet on legendary, the result is now a billionaire.To know when legends no one play, he may accompany Peregrine. Is relying onthis drive, and to make his career. Every successful person almost withoutexception has this feature, is dare!


Entrepreneurship is often required before a major decisionCardinal dare toshoulder heavy burdens, faced failure, if you can give up comfort and ease.But too few people dare to make this decision, so success is the elite ofour time.


Larry Yung, Chairman of CITIC Pacific Group had repeatedly advised the young man to have determination and courage the courage and boldness. He said:when people don’t understand him, he knew what he was doing; when othersdon’t understand him when he understood what he was doing; while others areunderstood, he was rich; while others are understood, he did it! This is what makes millionaires.


Shakespeare once wrote, everything in the world has a high tide times. Iftaking the forefront, will lead you towards the best of luck. But if youdon’t have the guts and the bold courage, is he can’t do good leads theplayer anyway, perhaps because fear and end up being buried in a fish!
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