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Submitted on Nov 03, 2016 from Termina Ashton
The word imagination in past years and today carries many definitions. Some of these definitions include: imagination is something to be achieved, something only some are good at, a fantasy or a far-fetched; whimsical idea. And for some simply childs’ play. However, imagination is more than..
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Layer #5. Called the Etheric template, this can be another structured layer. Barbara Brennan defines this amount as creating an empty or damaging room wherein the very first degree from the aura can exist.”¹This amount is often the hardest for men and women to wrap their mind around, but..
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The unfolding of your respective own daily life’s approach is guided by you. Even though we normally don’t recall the possibilities we created before incarnation, they ended up our options. Spirit will help us from the form of guides, insights, or aid from psychics or astrologers, but..
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Submitted on Aug 05, 2016 from Jane Copland
Another day, another article. The experience of previous posts leaves you feeling that you are starting to repeat yourself. That, a few other limiting beliefs and you are successfully petrified. Don’t fret, burnouts are a common phenomenon in any field. And in doing creative work it’s easier to..
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Submitted on Jun 25, 2016 from Michael Robey
Astral Telepathy ESP Meditative Exercise This is a Meditative Energy Exercise to Stimulate Physical and Astral (out of body, while soul traveling) Telepathy and ESP Ideally, first practice this in a deep meditation state, you can later on do it while relaxing. Turn off all lights,..
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To begin, he paid extra interest to real bees, but he also grew to become extra mindful of them in other means. Quickly soon after our psychic reading, he noticed a flyer to get a humane society fundraiser on which a bee was touchdown over a canine’s nose. Cute graphic, certainly, but..
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My customer Mike came to me for a strength healing and psychic reading. He was habitually out of function, lived in a cabin inside the hills without any utilities or in his truck, and generally received hugely fluctuating income concerns. He was extremely spiritual, and at one particular..
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By using Your Intuition to Talk” With your Chakra just like a psychic. The good reports is the fact that there exists much we can do to help an ailing first chakra. And any individual might have initial chakra problems, even those who’ve an excellent get started in living…
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Submitted on Jun 17, 2016 from jackson clark
IntroductionWhile beautifying your property is a stressful job, it requires a big amount of investment as well. In order to save yourself from some trouble, the best way is to opt for the services of a well-reputed landscape architect Denver. A few tips on how to get the best architect to shape..
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Submitted on Jun 15, 2016 from jackson clark
Keeping the track of time has never been easy. With the different types of watches that have been designed, being fashionable is quite easy. As a woman, the one challenge that you are going to face is choosing the best watch for your considering the many designs. Not to worry though, listed..
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The unknown, that which has yet to be, the unmanifested potential. Who dares to venture into these uncharted waters? In the world of what if’s, the impossible is plausible; every dream is feasible, and all alternatives have a path to existence. So why do we only entertain the unwanted..
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Love Burnout Psychics deal with all topics from love growth to love burnout. Below is part 1 that takes a close look at our relationships. Now, certainly, in any romantic relationship, both equally sides provide one thing to the desk. But what Jocelyn wasn’t seeing was that the..
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More tips for inviting love into your life from our psychics. 5) Balance socializing with personal time This may seem a little counterintuitive, but you might be socializing too much. Of course it helps to get out in order to meet someone, but if you are always going to the same..
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Myth #three or more You may Produce Whatever You desire In theory sure, but in demo largely no. The place you happen to be at this time has a whole lot to perform with how much jumping” you’ll ought to do to arrive wherever you would like to be. If you are by now dating an individual..
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As any person who has previously observed The Sixth Feeling” can tell you (very much towards the dismay of Bruce Willis’s character), the minor boy performed by Haley Joel Osment not just noticed dead people today, but he spoke with them. From the 1984 launch, Firestarter,” nine-yr-old..
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“It may possibly’t probably give good results. Have you at any time heard of your brilliant doctor falling in enjoy using a certified youngster wrangler? And we don’t even live inside identical think!” Guaranteed adequate, Jane was designing her own failure. “But..
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Submitted on Feb 01, 2016 from Jim Phillips
This idea of Why Don’t We Ask Questions” came as a result of conversations with several colleagues who write and speak on topics similar to mine. Most of us who write blogs are always looking for topics that are relevant to the audience for whom we write but also thought provoking and life..
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Article Title: Writers Block: What is It and How Can One Overcome It (from Creative Writing and Book Publishing Course 1998)? Author Name: Craig Lock Category (key words): Writing, creative writing, inspiration, the writing journey, writing course, publishing, book publishing, writing tips,..
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Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.” -Carol Burnett From Graffiti to Great Literature, All Writing is Important to Someone! The power of the pen has not diminished. It is an age-old way to escape, pour out emotions, play with ideas, give meaning to the world and..
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Submitted on Feb 27, 2015 from Susanna Kearney
A few days ago while standing in line at my local deli I watched a young boy reach for a roll of lifesavers and ask an older man who appeared to be his grandfather, Can I get these? They help me with my wild! His words, my wild” grabbed me. The older man noticing my fascination turned..
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If you practice at attaining and maintaining a positive mental attitude and positive frame of mind at all times, and it does take practice, I am confident that this practice will help achieve all the success in the world you are seeking. You will also become a source of success for those around..
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Belief is a powerful force, it is the link or the spark to the transformation of all your wants, needs and desires into something real and forms a bond with the mind, body and soul. Belief is the natural progression of all your desires that transforms the original desire into the successful..
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Submitted on Nov 29, 2014 from Janet Voth
Have you ever finished redecorating a room only to notice that it doesn’t match the rest of your home? Whether you have an open space design or separate rooms, choosing a whole home colour palette can create a feeling of harmony that makes your space work together visually. Here are some..
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Submitted on Nov 28, 2014 from Moreen DuFermont
Artist’s Integration: A Unique Blending The artist spins and blends ideas inasmuch as the concept of Spin Art portrays this process so vividly well. This surrealistic technique embodies an intrinsic abstractionism by splashing an array of color and hues upon a spinner, so that it may..
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Submitted on May 04, 2014 from David Orman
Dear Marathon, We really need to talk. Dear David, I am always happy to. What is on your mind? I cannot seem to shake you. I say I don’t want to run you again, but somehow, someway, you find your way into my life. Why do you think that is? I have no idea. I think..
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To sit in silence is to relax and just breathe. No time constraints, no rubbish to listen to. You feel your own heartbeat thumping. You feel your diaphragm contract and expand with every breath you take. You clear your mind of all things. Relax and let your mind go. You walk outside, the..
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Submitted on Oct 04, 2013 from Kumari Mullin
This spring I experienced a monumental shift in awareness, and felt immersed in joy much of the time. It was as if a layer of worry and stress just peeled away from my Being, even my skin felt a bit overly tender and new, and worry had nowhere to land. Every time that a stressful thought..
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Submitted on Sep 28, 2013 from Dawn Grant
These law of attraction tools, will free your mind. Watch how life unfolds after that. Here is the second set of law of attraction tools, highly recommended before beginning your goal setting plan. They will certainly keep you on track towards making your changes. These are a follow up to..
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Submitted on Jun 27, 2013 from Mandy Gatlin
What is the symbolism behind my dream? People ask me this question all the time and usually with a hint of desperation and intrigue in their voice. The question is always prompted by a very moving dream, sometimes by one that is very frightening. Dreams have fascinated me ever since I was..
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Submitted on May 12, 2013 from Moreen DuFermont
Impel your Inner Vision Do you have a vision you’d like to make real? Inasmuch as your vision feels real for you, and has the potency to move you, will you be able to imagine it all the more clearly. This is where it all begins! As you earnestly believe in it, you can enthusiastically immerse..
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Submitted on May 04, 2013 from Mulyadi Kurnia
Visualization is an extremely powerful tool that doubles the drive to achieve your goal, no matter how unattainable it might seem at the starting point. When you visualize success, you feel charged and motivated and increase your efforts. For someone on a weight loss journey, visualizing..
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Submitted on Apr 25, 2013 from Moreen DuFermont
Ponder The Impossible: This Is Your Creative Journey This is your creative journey that you alone discover. Go ahead and ponder the impossible. Give yourself the liberty to take ownership of your natural gifts! What if what seems to be impossible can actually be very possible? Are you..
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Submitted on Mar 04, 2013 from Alissa Lukara
When you sit down to start writing a book, are you able to jump right in and catch the stream or words or does the whole task feel daunting? Or, let’s say you’ve already written part of the book and need to reengage with it after a hiatus from writing. Does the prospect bring joy or do you find..
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Submitted on Mar 04, 2013 from Alissa Lukara
Each day as I sit down to write, I renew my yes” to writing and to serve love in my writing. To support this choice to have my writing make a positive difference, I make four conscious choices. These allow me to begin my writing in alignment with all I have learned on a path of transformation,..
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Submitted on Feb 19, 2013 from Yamaya Cruz
Just rewind back to when you were a child and you used to play with Barbie and Ken dolls. If you were a boy, you probably played with small action figures like He-Man and GI Joe. You put so much imagination into those toys. After all, you needed to bring them to life. Each toy had a story..
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A person who seeks an immigration visa, the applicant must have knowledge about US immigration laws. If after filing case, even the alien says: “I don’t know about these laws, No uses”. Given the brief information may help to know fundamental Immigration laws. Immigration and Nationality Act..
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Co-create in the world knowing that you are a Divine being of love and light. Our birthright is to manifest our spirit through our words, actions and our work in the world – our service to humanity. In order to co-create in the world we need to surrender to God. When we let go and let God our..
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The projects designed on Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files via Visual Basics Application consist of a Source Code that contains the coding used for the creation of the respective project. These password protections are mostly of large size i.e. consisting of multiple codes and alphabets in..
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On our current tour of Egypt, some members of our group asked for home-baked cookies. We were sailing up the Nile aboard our private cruise ship, the Afandina, so I asked our chef to take care of it. Since individual requests happen often (everything from raw food to vegetarian to a..
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Submitted on Nov 26, 2012 from Mary Wilkey
As a child, we all do a lot of “make” believing. Recently, I’ve given some thought to that. After all, we are told to “become as little children,” right? One of the things that children do (besides laughing a lot, which we also should do) is to pretend, to make believe that given objects are..
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Think about it. Children are close to their parents. The younger they are, the closer they are, not only emotionally, but they are prone to stay close physically as well. As they age, most children separate themselves more and more from their parents, both physically and emotionally. This is..
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As a culture, I fear we are forgetting the importance of imagination. Our media-flooded world gives us the ability to be passive receptors of information, stimulus, and virtual worlds, but we are rarely asked to use the creative force of our own imaginations. To stop doing and just dream, to..
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Submitted on Oct 26, 2012 from Amy Torres
More than one spiritual path explains that this world is an illusion. Even science now agrees. But what do they mean? And if this world is an illusion, what good does it do us to know that? A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches us, “It is because the thoughts you think you think appear as..
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Submitted on Oct 20, 2012 from Amy Torres
When I started seeing a psychotherapist at the age of 37, I felt as if I had no happy memories. Without going into my family history, suffice it to say that my heart had been so scared, and occasionally angry, that there was no room for softer feelings. I was like an emotional quadriplegic,..
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Submitted on Sep 19, 2012 from Trisha Sugarek
I was sitting, in my car, on a freeway, (some might say a parking lot), stuck in traffic, not moving. To while away the time I was reading the bumper stickers and signs in the back windows of other automobiles. It suddenly struck me; the parallel between totems, talismans, and these stickers,..
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With a rising popularity of the internet and an exponentially rising number of internet users, it is but important to have advertisements online. This is the way you can reach a large target audience through the ads. In addition to all the traffic generated by the onslaught of the clients, you..
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Submitted on Nov 21, 2012 from Henry Watson
Advertisements are a part of our daily routine. Our daily regime starts with classified ads. Now the question arises what do you mean by classified ads? Its answer is A printed advertisement that is published in a newspaper or a magazine”. The companies which want to sell their products or..
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When my twenty-seven year old nephew arrived at the family barbeque last week, he greeted me with a hug and a fond memory. Hi, Aunt Sue. Remember when we used to play team hide and seek?” I was instantly brought back to a time when we were huddled closely together, mapping out our..
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