Inspirational story targets cannot be set too low

Yearly jump large gantry to, all the CARP have come to the gantry. They are competing to grab a good seat. Just skip the gantry, himself is the people worship the Dragon.
But again, all the CARP still failed to jump over the top of the goal. So they began tocomplain. This name is all about! told we just skip the Jade Emperor dragon becomes a dragon, but removing the goal set so high, it‘s not clearly lied to us! That is,so this year I jumped on for 12 years, until next year, I will be too old to jump jumpup!
Do? carp thought and thought, Ah, finally came up with a good way to reduce gantry! this plan makes them excited. Then they start to kick. A few months later, the new gantry was low enough, even the little carp are able to jump past lightly. So, after a while, all the carp into the Dragon.
But not long after, they discovered the problem everyone is turned into a dragon, with the same Jackie CHAN seems to be no different; but as long as the animals everywhere, people swept away by the sense of worship of the Dragon, Sheng to resenttheir playing day and night.
With doubts, all the Dragons. Come discuss the Jade Emperor. But listening to the Jade Emperor later laughed. To really find the feeling of long, you will have returned to its original height gantry!
It is often said. Two in the Bush, a bird in the hand is worth. ,。 Mirage than a piece of bread in front of cute Indeed, too high or unrealistic goals for a person without any real significance. However, does this mean that we can lower our goals?
By lowering your expectations and goals, commitment to easy to plan, a person maybe able to avoid frustration and more likely to succeed. However, lower your expectations and goals, so that you get the desired result? did you get the joy of success?
CARP in the story, although in Longmen reduced into a Dragon. But they experiencethe fun of a dragon. Because in essence, they are a carp. What was that for?
Was so happy people is an ambitious goal and do not forget that we live in now, awho choose to challenge their talents and potential, one of their own) man of achievement and social recognition are arrogant · · · · · · In other words, if ~ personal goals too low, then he will lose happiness of life Foundation. Because he was unable to inspire his own talents and potential, is hard to self realization, so that their continuous evolution, unable to enjoy happiness of success.
In life, we often see such a phenomenon some people always think that we can have food and clothing, and they hold a perfunctory attitude to life, a result, their lives are always marching in place, Yun to a poor year after year. Why? because too low atarget no incentive, not arouse people‘s enthusiasm and creativity, and also will not be able to make their own lives into the best condition. This doomed they were unable to make progress, to create a satisfying life.
Low targets will allow life to lose hope, a sense of emptiness. Among college students, is a significant part of the day watching TV, playing cards, Internet access and other recreational things. Although a carefree, but it felt like life had no meaning. In fact, they did not know, to enjoy life is a life of fulfillment and happiness. If the subject had a problem, then life problems will also arise.
There is a sing. Not through wind and rain, see the Rainbow, no one can succeed There is a standard, it cannot be reduced because a person or a group of persons.Success is not a means to achieve your goals of, you‘ve succeeded. Success is highquality, as you get a diamond, and have a ton of sand is differentiated. True success is the result of constantly beat ourselves, beyond the self, means that you can be recognized and met, rather than down and back.
Too low, and will only cause people to lose their initiative and enthusiasm. A personwants to succeed, it must have a target can motivate himself. Only in this way, he will have enough power to meet the challenges, overcome difficulties, and in the process bring improved and perfected, the ability to make their own standards, ideas and knowledge to achieve success.
Thus, if you want to skip the real success, we must work hard to improve themselves and to equip themselves with skip. Splash strength. Only in this way can we. An ordinary fish. Refined.
So that you get the desired result? did you get the joy of success?
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