Learn to accept yourself

30 year old man

Learn to accept yourself
Everyone is not perfect, an angel will make mistakes, not to mention the mortals, who can not such shortcomings? As the old saying goes, “no gold, nobody’s perfect.” As the world there is no perfect thing, there is no perfect magical elf. But in the self understanding, treat others as specific issues, many people still keeps the habit of to the pursuit of perfection, demand perfection, to own request everything perfect, to others also tend to be a comprehensive measure.
If you aren’t the hero, celebrities, not so Its brightness dazzles the eyes. impeccable?. No one has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Edison, the United States of America, with over 1000 inventions, known as the king of the invention, but he was stubbornly opposed to the exchange of power in his old age, a claim that the DC transmission.
Chaplin, the master of the film art, created a vivid and dramatic image, but he was strongly against it.
People can understand themselves, control their own, people’s confidence is not only believe that they have the ability, value, but also believe that they have shortcomings, shortcomings, we should keep this kind of state of mind and feeling, I know their strengths, advantages, also know their own weaknesses, shortcomings, I know their own potential and desire, but also know their own difficulties and limitations. He will always have the spirit and flesh, good and bad, true and false – $good and lonely, firm and flexible, and so on.
Self accommodating to realistic view of their own, to correctly understand and treat others. This will abandon pride as arrogant and aloof withdrawn, rash or lead to the failure of weakness. We to the self affirmation and self acceptance of ideas into action, free from its own conditions and the adverse environment, to say what you want to say, to do the things you want to do, do not have Cangzhuo, not afraid of make a fool of oneself, even knowing that in some ways is not as good as others, as long as it is to do their own thing, decisive action. Because any one person only through difficulties and obstacles, nervous and shy to Bing like stage, to learn walking, talking, living and working, entrepreneurship, conduct all the tools of statecraft.
Anyone has shortcomings and weaknesses, anyone is not omniscient, but these weaknesses, the weaknesses of different. Therefore, people in self-expression and communication with the people there will be in the awkward performance. Some people do not have the courage to reform themselves and break themselves, so they are willing to do things, not to speak, not to communicate, and not to expose themselves in front of others.
The famous American management scientist Peter Drucker in the “efficient management”, wrote: if all the people do not have the shortcomings, the result is a mediocre organization. So-called Everything is. Inevitable. Neither rhyme nor reason The higher the talented people, the disadvantage is often more obvious, there will be the peak valley.
Who can not be perfect, who also can not be compared with the sum of the existing knowledge, experience, ability. An operator if only to see what cannot be seen is short and the director, what, this operator itself is weak. Although the pursuit of perfection can not reach the ideal goal, but the total can make themselves to improve and improve. We want to improve and improve, must pass an important link, is to learn to accept, self affirmation. Thus, we only give up the pursuit of “perfect”, can set up confidence.
We have a sense of self-respect, can truly understand and establish their own value, and the pursuit of their own choice.

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