Man 30

Man 30
No more than 20 years of green, has yet to fully contaminated 40 years of cynicism,more than 30-year old man, is a landscape.
Say 30 years old, men over the age of 30, and fade as the naïve, to mature, learn tosteady, not 20 years old any crazy, knew how to work, how to live. Some say 30-year old man is finished, 40-year old man is fine, in fact, just like flowers results, men over the age of 30 is in the process of accumulated precipitation, this is the best time oflife.
30 age above of men, temples began long out hair, life of pressure began increased, parents walking gradually stumble, children gradually grew up, unknowingly himself has from had of hair head small guy became home in the of backbone, each saw parents, and wife son that full expects of eye, a responsibility full heart, pillar of task not shirk pick in has body, from know himself not for himself live with, has you, home on has joy, on has hope.
Men over 30 years old, speakdo no longer fussy, mature and has become their style, and would leave room for flexibility. I do not know when, people call have been quietly changing, not in front of your name with a little words, new rookie Cap before you know, you people who have become a burden, trust and can rely on the people.
Men over the age of 30, time is not all Frost, all engraved on its face, says he is notold, but drinks rarely do, say worse than before and have learned to protect their bodies. More than 20 years, we can run a collision on the pitch, drinking and singing through the night, any publicity of his youth. Men over 30 years old, learned frugality,knows the pursuit of taste and understand the essence of gracious living.
If the man is wine, a bottle of erguotou is 20 years old man, smashing, burning everything. 30-year old man is a bottle of maotai, imported soft, with a long, losing steam. (Reading website:
30 man a flower completely after blooming fruits!
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