Men in the process of growing up to learn how to be grateful

Life, the things they do not necessarily have to be recognized by others, and perhaps this will become the heart of the tangle. However, after the experience, think carefully, years of baptism in order to make their own gradually mature. This time, want to thank those who have let their growth, is they let us mature wisdom. Learn to be grateful, reap a different kind of life.
Not as intended is nine out of ten in life, such as suffer setbacks, misunderstood, criticized and so on. It was full of grievances. Once upon a time when the haze is still hiding in the bottom of my heart, tangled into a short period of time can not be insurmountable obstacles. Only after many years of experience in the baptism of the years will gradually become mature wisdom. Then you suddenly look back, once the haze is just a spoondrift in the long river of life, time flies in a wisp of fragrance.
Life needs a thankful heart to create, a thankful heart needs to be nourished by life. With a grateful heart, life without regret. Open the calendar, a new page of life will become more brilliant because of our thanksgiving.
Gratitude rebuke you, because they let you learn to think.
In the process of getting along with people, there is an appreciation of the rap. Please don’t angry encounter rebuked. Learn to self reflection, try to change the thinking. The interpersonal communication in the future, you will take this as a warning, correct mistakes. So please be grateful to those who blame you, is that they let you learn to think.
Thanksgiving trip to your people, because they strengthen your will
The competition of society will inevitably cheating, some people in order to achieve their own purposes, unscrupulous in your path placed obstacles. When we’re confronted with the turmoil, please don’t give up, be brave face. Please believe that as long as you insist on, the sun in the wind and rain. Pressure is the best power, this is the spirit of the more the more the spirit of courage to strengthen their own will power. So, please be grateful to those who stumble you.
Thanksgiving abandoned your people, because they taught you to be independent
(inspirational world
A person in the process of growth and maturity, it is inevitable to experience self independence. Because their loved ones can not be accompanied by your life around. Is the so-called, flower hundred days in the mountains, no one hundred years in the world. When our relatives for some reason to give up their own, we can not complain and regret, to know how to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, they do not seek to pay a lifetime of endless pay, Thanksgiving their early to let go. There is a kind of love is called let go, because they let go, we have learned to be independent.
Thanksgiving to deceive you, because he grew up your experience
Life is cheating. When you cheated, please don’t hate each other, can not blame. The so-called chastened, people can not have the heart, the heart of man is not. Therefore, please be grateful to deceive your people, because of their deception, we can virtually increase the social experience.
[Thanksgiving people who hurt you, because he honed your mind]
A person in the process of growth and maturity, it will inevitably be affected by varying degrees of damage. Because life is not possible when your sincere Everything is going smoothly., change not to come back return equivalent, please don’t complain. Please believe that every time the injury is a baptism of your life, every time the injury is a new beginning of life. Licking the wound, the pain into the motivation, believe that one day you will cocoon into a butterfly. So, please be grateful to those who hurt you, they sharpen your mind.
Be grateful to those who have helped you in times of distress, they have made you believe. Thanksgiving in good advice to remind you of person, they help you correction course. Thanksgiving slander you, is that they let you know the gentleman himself first.

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