Monk Combs sold

Monk Combs sold

Monk Combs sold

Sell comb to the monks? How‘s that gonna happen?! This almost laughed atmonk‘s, how can more and more sell?! Shouted believes many people will seethis was ridiculous. In fact, however, as long as you have the surprise ofwhim, combs sold monk is actually a very simple thing.


Four salesmen to the Temple a company selling Combs, who sells Combs, who ishigher the dividends. Results, first a salesman eat has Doo; second a salesman to comb can dredge blood of function, sold has 100 put; third a salesman to finishing pilgrims grooming for by, sold has Temple 1000 put; fourth a salesman is on temple for has carefully of observation zhihou, will let Abbot in comb Shang wrote “JI good” and Temple in of some couplets, must will to Temple added a most incense money, while also can let Temple reputation far broadcast. The Abbot thought, then signed with the salesmanup huge orders.


A great idea is something you have never done before, is exciting can’tbreathe thing, be brave bold and right thing was priceless, needs to keep secret things around. Today, the marriage of creative and economic, changesthe lives of everyone, it is no longer a minority of patents, it is no longer a country, it exists as you breathe in every corner of the world.


In 1974, the United States Government after the statue of liberty renovationleft a pile of scrap, began bidding to the community clean up waste. No onebid. At that time, a Jewish heard later, immediately flew to New York, whenhe saw the mountains of waste, without any condition and sign. Many peopleare perplexed, but unexpectedlythe Jews not only cleaned up the garbage,turning trash into gold.


He used these materialsto melt copper, make a small bronze statue ofliberty; wood waste, wood block waste lead and aluminum into a square key,and even sold the dirt to the flower shop. As a result, not only to achievethe efficient use of resources and avoiding disputes due to environmentalissues. Less than 3 months time, this pile of scrap becomes $ 3.5 million.The Jew is the Chairman of McCall Corporation.


The success of anything, because you can find better ways to do things. Thesource of innovation, in essence, is a breakthrough, the unconventional andthinking. Don’t think innovation is hard, as the saying goes good, no can’t do that, if you can dream, as long as you often think, pay attention to theside of the little things, you will have creative inspiration.
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